Trump Hotels get trumped by athletes

professional sports teams are making a statement against the political administration

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The vast majority of professional sports teams have made the decision to boycott Trump Hotels for their travel competitions.

Professional athletes in organizations such as the NFL, MLB, NHL and the NBA aren’t just taking a knee for racial inequality. The organizations they belong to are now boycotting President Donald Trump altogether by pulling out of staying at his hotels while traveling, according to the New York Post.

According to Trump’s website, there are six Trump hotels in the U.S. that teams can travel to for a “luxurious stay … with unparalleled service.” NBA teams on average pay approximately $20,000 per night for both rooms and food when traveling, according to the Washington Post.

The Milwaukee Bucks, Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers are a handful of the teams that have recently stopped staying at Trump hotels. Teams such as the Minnesota Wild, New York Mets and the New England Patriots made this same decision earlier in the year, according to the Washington Post.  

Why are teams pulling out?


The Warriors Head Coach, Steve Kerr, justified his team’s decision.

“The president has seemingly made a point of dividing us as best as he can,” Kerr said.  “He continually offends people, and so people don’t want to stay at his hotel. It’s pretty simple.”

Jabari Parker, the Milwaukee Bucks forward, said he doesn’t want to support a person who endorses hate on others. Coming from a Muslim background, Parker said he believes Trump ran his campaign completely on hate, attacking everything the basketball player believes in.  

“I don’t care what haters think,” Parker said. “I’m proud to not stay in Trump hotels.”

Kurt Helin, an NBC Sports writer, said “NBA teams have options other than the Trump hotels if they don’t like his policies.”

The Washington Post reported other reasons sports teams were for not staying in Trump Hotels, aside from politically related tension, include the pre-existing problem of driving team Coach buses in and out of Lower Manhattan, New York.

Some fans are unfazed by the headlines and taking to social media question the importance of this decision.

“Why are people so concerned if a pro sports team stays @ a trump hotel?” twitter user Ryan Rusell tweeted.

Although I personally have the utmost respect for this country, I find this form active protest to be justifiable.

A president should address the social issues and complicated situations within this nation in a respectful manner, pointing our country toward a path of respect in turn, but Trump’s language has repeatedly been seen and interpreted as aggressive and offensive by players and fans alike.

In a rally speech back in September, Trump went so far as to use expletives when referring to athletes that sit during the national anthem. While he may not agree with their viewpoints or protests, this kind of response is unacceptable, especially from the president of our nation.

People (as well as sports teams) have the option and freedom to put their money into businesses that fit perfectly within their values. It looks like Trump’s name simply doesn’t fit the values of the vast majority of professional athletes.