The Will of El: fantasy hero

Each week Sports Editor Ellis Williams shares his fantasy football opinion

Story by Ellis Williams, Sports Editor

Welcome back fantasyolics! El Will has returned to provide the people with weekly fantasy football advice, entertainment, made up words and questionable grammar.

But most importantly, I am here to help my readers obtain fantasy satisfaction. My mission statement is located below. Shout outs to The CW’s Arrow for the inspiration.

My name is Ellis Williams. After my first year of writing a weekly fantasy football column, I have returned to provide fantasy advice with only one goal—

to help my readers win a championship. To do this I cannot simply provide a fantasy opinion. To ensure the people fantasy glory, I must be someone else. I must be something else; I must become a Fantasy Hero.

Take a deep breath; the level of intensity in my mission statement was high. I realize that.

The birth of the Fantasy Hero brings one major change to my column. My fantasy input can be found not only on The Spectator website, but also on my newly launched blog. Be a bro and check it out on both sites because at the end of the day it’s all about the clicks.

The inception of the Fantasy Hero will bring change to my writing. I am unsure of what direction this column will go each week but what I do know courtesy of the 2002 film Spider Man, is that with great power comes great responsibility. Though my power is not worthy of the title of great yet, I do appreciate the platform I have been given and I realize this could be the last time you choose to listen. So I want to say thank you, and I hope you enjoy my work half as much as I enjoy creating it.

Week One Fantasy Preview

Last year I tended to highlight intriguing games and provide my reaction. I called the segment initial reactions and satisfactions. Expect that to return possibly as early as next week. Because I’d rather not write about week four of the preseason, I am going to preview a handful of NFL games that I deem fantasy relevant.  It’s time to call some shots.

Seahawks vs. Packers: No one can forget the infamous “failmary” from 2012, which was the last time Green Bay visited Seattle. My personal story involving that game will be saved for another time.

Surprising fact, Thursday night is the only home primetime game that the Seahawks were rewarded with this year. What does that mean? It means the networks don’t want blowouts to occur while all of America is watching. Luckily for NBC, this game will be far from a blowout.

Look for strong performances on the ground from both teams respected bell cows in Eddie Lacy and Marshawn Lynch.

Bold Prediction: Russell Wilson outscores Aaron Rodgers by 12 points.

Saints vs. Falcons: the NFC South is typically a dogfight (if your mind went right to Mike Vick with the Falcons and dogfight reference then as one of my roommates would say, figure it out).  Atlanta won four games last year, but it would not surprise me if they were in contention for a division title late in the year.

This game is going to be fun, and there will be plenty of fantasy points to be had but not for the Falcons. Yeah I know I just got done saying I like Atlanta this year but hear me out. The Saints defense made major improvements under first-year defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, and I expect Ryan’s defensive brilliance to shine in this game.

Bold prediction: Julio Jones is held to single digit points.

Jaguars vs. Eagles: When most people in America look at this game I bet their initial reaction is “Wow, the Eagles are going to go Brock Lesner on the Jags.” Now, this is a very realistic possibility but to me this game just smells like a trap game. Like somehow Jacksonville’s four worst run defense improved over the summer and Foles was a fluke. I don’t have much to justify my gut feeling, but don’t be shocked if this is a closer game than the 11-point Eagle spread indicates.

Bold prediction: Darren Sproles outscores Lesean Mccoy in PPR formats (Why do people even play standard these days)?

Bills vs. Bears: The Bills tend to start their seasons fast, but the Bears started last season 3-0 as well. So something has to give here. The Bills offense gets my fantasy senses tinkling because they have speed all over their roster. C.J Spiller, Sammy Watkins and EJ Manuel all can move around. The Bills were top five in the NFL in total plays ran, behind offenses like the Broncos and Patriots. But an ugly Buffalo preseason has the Bears on the prowl.

Bold prediction: CJ Spiller pops a big run and outscores the consensus fourth overall pick in fantasy drafts in Matt Forte.

49ers vs. Cowboys: This is the game I can notwait to watch come Sunday two of the NFL’s most fun offenses go head to head in the Billion Dollar Playpen! Are you kidding me? I hope Demarco Murray finds pay dirt. Colin Kaepernick kisses the biceps twice and that absolutely no defense is played. Which could actually happen. Dallas had the worst defense in the league last year and they are now without Demarcus Ware (in Denver) and Sean Lee (torn ACL).

The once feared San Francisco defense is without Aldon Smith and NaVorro Bowman, and they lost parts of their secondary in free agency. I expect big days from Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams, Murray and Tony Romo.

Bold prediction: Dallas scores 35 plus points and totals more than 500 yards of total offense.

That’s all I wrote! My first column of the year is officially printed in the book of Ellis. Believe in the Fantasy Hero.