Williams’ secret fantasy football sauce-Week Six

It is already Week Six in the NFL. That means it is also Week Six of the fantasy football season. In seven weeks, the fantasy playoffs will begin. For some, a chance to obtain glory is upon them. For others, next year’s draft is going to be a blast.

With that being said, please take these words to the head.  Regardless of where you end in the standings, enjoy these next seven weeks. Each fantasy season feels as if it goes by faster and faster. You only have seven weeks left to talk trade with your buddies, to ride the rollercoaster of emotion that is football Sundays and to have your entire week come down to Monday night.

So as I said enjoy it all, and if you can go out and find a nice bar with a sweet buy one get one free burger deal on Thursdays. Then sit down and have yourself a nice meal. If the bar you pick happens to be Dooley’s Pub, located in Eau Claire, then you will most likely see me there.

Feel free to yell at me for any crabby fantasy advice I’ve given you, but whatever you do, don’t sit upstairs in the booth next to the dome hockey game. Because that is my spot.


 Bills vs. Browns: Two teams that rarely see the primetime stage took battle last Thursday night, and honestly, it was a fun game to watch. Everyone’s punch line quarterback turned underdog hero extraordinaire Brian Hoyer sadly left the game with a knee injury, and the Browns stated later in the week that his short, yet memorable season has come to an end.

I’d like to take these valuable next few lines in my column to say thank you to Mr. Hoyer for reminding America that with a little guts, anything is possible, and for aiding Cleveland in the efforts of forgetting about LeBron James. Even though the ride was short, I thank you Brian Hoyer.

 Fantasy Feeling: Josh Gordon has emerged as a top 15 wide receivers. He is a special talent who is not just a deep threat anymore. If you can find an owner that has Gordon and doesn’t believe in him, then go out and trade for him. His production will remain solid. His upcoming games are against softer secondaries like Detroit, Green Bay, Pittsburgh and Jacksonville. I do not see Gordon’s numbers being affected by Brandon Weeden starting.

 E.J Manuel is going to miss a few weeks due to a sprained ligament in his knee. Thad Lewis will start for the Bills. Because of the Brain Hoyer story I do not think we should write Lewis off just yet… but no Bills’ wide receivers should be started until we see if Lewis has any Brain Hoyer in him. Spiller and Jackson remain must starts in all leagues. Spiller is a RB 2 at this point as Jackson continues to prove effective in this offense. Jackson is a solid flex play.

 I can’t believe I just talked that much about two teams that rarely see the primetime stage.

 Speaking of the primetime stage. How ‘bout them Cowboys?

 Peyton Manning vs. Tony Romo: This game had it all! Fantasy owners saw Christmas come early, as over 1,300 yards of total offense were produced, and twelve total touchdowns were scored. During the game, the Cowboys thought “Hey, lets not hand the ball off to Demarco Murray. Because Romo is the man.” Frankly they were right. Romo threw for a career-high 506 yards and added five touchdown passes. Yet all of that could not stop Romo for becoming Tony Nono as he threw the game losing interception at the end of the game. I don’t blame Tony though; he played a hell of a game. It is not his fault that his defense stinks or that Peyton Manning can’t be stopped. It is not his fault that his offense decided not to hand the ball off to Murray more in hopes of keeping the Denver offense off the field. Therefore, I am here to say keep your head up old sport, your girlfriend is hot and you are rich. You’re also on top of the pathetic NFC East.

 Fantasy Feeling: Fantasy relevant players in Denver right now are making their owners very happy. With that being said, I am not as high as most on Knowshon Moreno. Though I won’t go as far as Eagles’ running back Lesean Mccoy did and say Moreno sucks. I will say that I have a gut feeling we have not seen the last of Ronnie Hillman or overrated Badger legend Montee Ball.As for the Cowboys, I am going to say I am buying the Terrence Williams hype. Williams led the Cowboys in receiving with four catches for 151 yards and a score.  Two weeks ago against the Philip Rivers-led Chargers (and who doesn’t love Phil by the way), Williams had seven catches for 71 yards.  As long as Miles Austin is out of the lineup, then Williams will continue to shine, and plus, the kid has a beautiful last name.

 Da Bears vs. Who Dat Nation: Let me take you back to a conversation I had this past Sunday with a friend.

 Friend: Brother Eezus, did you hear that a Bears receiver broke the team’s franchise record for receiving yards in a game?

 Me: No way old sport. B-Marsh is the man!

 Friend: (In an Aubrey Graham voice) No,no, no it was not your boy B-Marsh.

 Me: (In a Kanye like explosion) ‘Da f** you mean?

 Friend: It was Alshon Jeffery.

 Me: Alshon Jeffery? You mean that kid from last year’s NFL draft that was not as tall, nor as fast as everyone thought he was? In fact the only person I ever heard give him praise was some dude from my high school who called himself Kraemer. That Alshon Jeffery?

 Friend: Yes bro.

 Fantasy Feeling: Though I used to hate on Jeffery, I can say that the hate no longer stands. He is on a team that throws the ball around, and he will continue to face one on one coverage until teams decide to start paying less attention to Marshall and more to Jeffery. I like Jeffery going forward as a solid WR 3 or flex play.


 QB I BELIEVE in this week: Mike Glennon. If your reaction after reading this was “wait who is that?” It’s okay. I understand. Glennon will start his second game of his career this Sunday for the Buccaneers, as Tampa will host the Eagles. Notice the last word in that sentence. Eagles. Their defense is awful, and Glennon has a lot of weapons around him. I like Glennon this week over guys like Sam Bradford, Matt Schaub and Nick Foles. Look for this to be Glennon’s breakout game.

 RBs I BELIEVE in this week: Giovani Bernard and Darren Sproles.

As soon as it looked like Bernard was going to become the feature back in Cincinnati. Green-Ellis came right back in and got more work then Gio. I am here to say that owners of Bernard shouldn’t be discouraged. The Bengals face the Bills Sunday and Buffalo is allowing 116 yards per game on the ground. There is going to be plenty of yards to go around for Cincinnati this week, and Bernard should have a nice afternoon because of it.

 When does Sean Payton like to unleash his most unique tools and gadgets on offense The answer is simple. When the lights are on bright, and a big game is in sight. Payton allowed little Darren to explode two weeks ago on Monday night football. The world watched as Sproles exploded for 114 yards receiving and two total touchdowns. All of those stats came in the first half, but hear me out and remember that the game was just about over by half. Therefore Peyton put his toy away and stashed him for his next coming out party. Which is going to be this Sunday at Gillette Stadium.

 WARNING: Fantasy DJ Ellis is about to shake up this column.

 WR I DOUBT this week. Desean Jackson: I find it hard for me to put him here because I just traded for this blazing fast Cal product, who in his college days wore the greatest number ever. Hail to the UNO. But the fact of the matter is Desean Jackson is meeting up with Darrelle Revis this week. Last time Revis and Jackson went head to head, Jackson was held to two catches for 28 yards. Add in the fact that Michael Vick will be out, and this makes Jackson’s upside for Sunday look a bit cloudy. I am not telling you to bench Jackson. I own him and will be starting him. I just don’t feel good about it.

 Well that’s all I wrote! As a parting gift, I’d like to inform any readers that are reading this Thursday morning or afternoon that The Spectator Bowl will be taking place Thursday night. The writers at The Spectator will be taking on the Student Senate in a two-hand touch ootball game. Don’t waste your time sending us good luck. We won’t need it. If you’re reading this after Thursday, then I am happy to inform you that The Spectator was victorious.

 Thanks for reading and best wishes to you and your week six lineups.