Williams’ secret fantasty football sauce-Week 9

Welcome to the follow up column to last weeks El Will awards. The awards ceremony was a blast to write, and I thank all who took their time to check out the event. The excitement of the awards did not end when the column concluded though due to the fact that there was an after party for the El Will awards! (I apologize to those who didn’t get invited. Imagine the after party as if it was a gathering of several well off businessmen, but more doper).  Some of the finest came out for the gathering including some guy from Sons of Anarchy, WWE superstar Shawn Michaels, a pair of very wealthy bros who were covered in tattoos, a few stars from Buck Wild, Phil the journeymen made an appearance, along with Roscoe, (but he didn’t stay long) and even the Batman himself was there. With that being said, the El Will awards were more of a success then I could ever imagine, thank you to all the people that made them possible.

This week I am going to be introducing something new to my column. I call it: Fantasy Eezus’ Initial reaction and satisfactions

During this segment I will react to more games then I would in a typical recap, and I will share what was my initial reaction to specific games and also something that satisfied me from the chosen game.  Here we go. Bop!

Cowboys vs. Lions

Initial reaction: Calvin Johns… I mean Megatron is great. Maybe the Cowboys should cover him in the future. Dez Bryant is Optimus Prime. If only the Cowboys targeted him more.

Satisfaction: The Cowboys have proven they can’t run without Demarco Murray. Therefore they need him back. Or is the fact they cannot run the ball a sign of things to come for Demarco? Well I think a million people will retweet my column one day so I guess I’m an optimist. Run Demarco Run.

Browns vs. Chiefs

Initial reaction: It is great to see young Montana’s and The Spectator’s own Nick Erickson’s Chiefs reach 8-0, but if Jamaal Charles ever gets hurt then this offense is in trouble. Alex Smith needs to start stretching the field or this offense isn’t going to be able to score enough points to reach the Super Bowl.

Satisfaction: Josh Gordon is going to get it the job done and regardless of who his QB is. The kid is a special talent. Don’t bench him unless you love seeing your bench kick butt. Also if you haven’t already, drop Willis McGahee. Unless the Browns sign Tim Tebow, then keep ole Willis.

Dolphins vs. Patriots

Initial reaction: “Tom Brady I hate you, I hate you, I hate you. Jk Tom, Love you like the world secretly loves Bieber.” Seriously though, this game couldn’t have upset the applecart more than it did. Brady had all his weapons healthy and back in the lineup yet still only threw for 116 yards and one score. I don’t believe in Brady anymore this year. His numbers will remain average from here on out.

Satisfaction: NONE.

Bills vs. Saints

Initial reaction: Jimmy Graham must have tuned into the El Will awards and took note that I called Gronk the best TE in football. My bad Jimmy, gon’ head and dunk that ball in the end zone, you own it huh.  It is still so sad for Spiller owners (good thing I didn’t write this column during the summer). Marques Colston is MIA and it doesn’t look like he’s ever coming back. He’s on pace for 54 receptions and 684 yards… yikes.

Satisfaction: It was great for Graham owners to see that even if he plays on a limited snap count he is still a must start. He played on only 18 snaps on Sunday yet still scored two touchdowns.

Giants vs. Eagles

Initial reaction: The savior that was Chip Kelly has watched his offense not score a touchdown in the past two weeks. What is going on? Vick’s hamstring sounds shot. Personally I hope they draft Johnny Football next year. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Satisfaction: It was nice to see the two top receiving options for each team prove they can be productive even with shaky QB play. Jackson caught 8 balls while Cruz caught 7. Both are good signs.

49ers vs. Jaguars

Initial reaction: FINALLY!! Kiss the bicep. People go ahead and get your Kaepernicking on! I love watching Kaepernick play like he played versus the Tebowless – Jaguars (For those upset about my multiple Tebow references please remember that I am trying to join ESPN someday, and clearly they think highly of writers/reports who talk about Tebow a lot). San Francisco looks to be firing on all cylinders, and they run game looks unstoppable. Also go pick up Michael Crabtree if you have room on your bench buds.

Satisfaction: It was nice to see Maurice Jones-Drew have the game he did. Still a lost season for him as a whole, but if you have him on your team maybe you can trade him to someone who still remembers the 2011 MJD combined with the effort he put in this game.

Falcons vs. Cardinals

Initial reaction: Harry Douglas is clearly no joke. The Falcons cannot run the football, and I cry for Steven Jackson Steven. Also Andre Ellington looked great, sadly that will not matter as Rashard Mendenhall is expected back soon and once that happens Ellington will go back to being underutilized in the Arizona offense.

Satisfaction: Larry Fitzgerald got in the end zone. He is touchdown depended, but he is still one of the more likely WR to reach pay dirt any given week. Matt Ryan threw for over 300 yards. If you’re stuck with him as your QB it is clear they are still going to throw the ball a lot regardless of what type of weapons they have.


QB I BELIEVE in this week: Andy Dalton- He is the highest scoring fantasy QB over the past three weeks. He threw five touchdown passes last week, and he has red hair. His name is Andy Dalton. I don’t see any reason why Dalton’s hot streak would stop now. He is facing the Miami Dolphins who are an average NFL defense. I like Dalton’s chances at having another strong outing.

RBs I BELIEVE in this week: Darren McFadden and Chris Johnson: These two guys, I tell ya. Both these cats really grinded my gears at certain points this year, but I believe in them this week. McFadden will be in action versus the terrible Eagles defense that just allowed 70 yards rushing to Peyton Hillis. I think McFadden is going to post season-high numbers this week. Then there is Chris Johnson. Johnson has yet to record a rushing touchdown or have a 100-yard rushing game, but the fact that the Rams are allowing the fifth most rushing yards per game makes this a interesting match up for Johnson. If doesn’t get the job this week then it’ll be about time to jump ship.

WR I BELIEVE in this week: Terence Williams and Dwayne Bowe: I’ve written about Terence Williams before, and since then he has become an even more reliable fantasy option. He has scored a touchdown in five straight games, and Minnesota is going to have a hard time ending that streak. Dwayne Bowe is in the same category Chris Johnson is for me. That being that this has to be the week Bowe shows up or his fantasy hopes for this season are finished. It was reported that the Chiefs front office is a bit concerned with their QB Alex Smith, as he has failed to stretch the field at all this year. I expect KC to get up earlier versus Buffalo and for Smith to use the Bills secondary as a testing unit to try out his deep ball throws.

That’s it. It’s over. That is all I wrote! Thank you for reading, shout outs to my mother for reading this week, and also to The Spectator for continuing to post my work on their website. My pedestal remains. Best wishes in Week 9. Bop!