Williams’ secret fantasy football sauce

The world of Fantasy Football is one of excitement, triumph, heartbreak, joy, and frustration.

There are few events in life that can fill people with such an assortment of emotions. (If all you’re looking for here is some sub par fantasy advice then skip down to the recap section, and continue reading.)

Fantasy football’s mission objective is simple. Assemble the best collection of players in hopes of outscoring the roster of the others in your league, and earning bragging rights over your friends for the week that was.

Every since I was a little boy, I’ve been fascinated with fantasy football. I am in three leagues this year, and take pride in them all. In this inaugural column, I will first react to the performance of several fantasy relevant players that sparked my interest. Then I will go on to preview a few players that I believe in this week, and others that give me doubt.  Some weeks I will include some buy low/sell high options as well as hot waiver wire targets.

Now readers, please understand I cannot predict the future. If I could, I would be working for ESPN right now as an expert fantasy sports analyst because my insight would far succeed the mediocre advice of New York Times bestselling author Matthew Berry.

But I can’t, which is why I am simply an average UW-Eau Claire student who thinks that they know a little more than the average guy when it comes to fantasy football. Alright enough is enough. If you scrolled past my introduction no worries for here comes the good stuff, or as I call it, my secret sauce to success.

Week One Recaps:

Broncos vs. Ravens: If you started any combination of Peyton Manning, Demaryius Thomas, or (the greatest slot receiver in NFL history) Wes Welker, then I tip my Yankee’s hat to you. If you went against any of those three or in some sad cases all three then I feel your pain. I was down 40 points Friday morning in my league due largely to the actions of Thomas.

Fantasy Feeling: Peyton Manning is on pace to throw 112 touchdowns. My fantasy senses are telling me that will not happen.  They are also telling me Manning will not throw for 50 touchdowns. To do so he’d have to average 2.8 touchdowns a game. I don’t see it happening. Cash in on the king’s ransom you could receive for Manning and trade him if you have a guy like Eli Manning or Matthew Stafford on your bench.

Packers vs. 49ers: Packer fans I apologize. San Francisco is the class of the NFC.  Green Bay played some of the best football they could have, and still the game never felt as if it was ever out of the hands of Colin Kaepernick. Was his success due to the fact that the Packers secondary isn’t as talented as most believe, or is Kaepernick an elite NFL QB? I’ll take the ladder. Kaepernick is the real deal.

Fantasy Feeling:  In the words of the former great Minnesota Viking coach Dennis Green: “The [Packers] are who we thought they were.” Simply put, start your Packers pass catchers. James Jones will be fine, and remember this; Eddie Lacy will be touchdown dependent all season long.

Giants vs. Cowboys: This was a weird game to say the least. There was a total of 91 passes thrown in this game, and yet Dallas was able to still run the ball 20 plus times. Miles Austin led the Cowboys in catches, and Jason Witten, who scored only three touchdowns all of last year reached pay dirt twice. While Dez Bryant was taken completely out of the game, as he could not shake the double, and triple coverage’s that were sent his way. Eli’s first pass was an interception and then he went on to throw four touchdowns, and David Wilson showed that he has
fumble fever.

Fantasy Feeling: The Giants passing attack is going to be elite this year. Hakeem Nicks is healthy. Victor Cruz is big time, and the Giants running backs seem to be addicted to giving the ball to the other team. As for Dallas keep an eye on Dez Bryant’s ankle injury. Go out and trade for DeMarco Murray for he has a lot of talent both running, and catching the football. Murray saw 20 carries in the game. If he stays healthy Dallas will make him their workhouse this season.

Week Two Predictions

Quarterbacks I believe in: Cam Newton & Robert Griffin III : If you own Cam Newton you are playing him. I just believe that Cam will have a big week this week. Buffalo allowed 273 yards passing, and 158 yards rushing last week. Now Newton isn’t Tom Brady, but he’ll be able to move the ball well on this Buffalo defense. RG3 faces everyone’s favorite Green Bay Packers this week. Sorry Wisconsin, but the Pack gave up 415 yards passing last week. Griffin will throw for at least 300. Everything else on the ground will be gravy on top.

Running backs I believe in: Stevan Ridley & Steven Jackson.

These picks have a lot to do with the fact that I believe these two players will be seeking a little R&R this week. By R&R I mean revenge and redemption. Ridley has a bit of a tough matchup as he takes on the Jets Thursday night. I get that. But Ridley will be looking to redeem himself after a week one that saw him wishing he had not eaten so much popcorn. He’ll bounce back. Steven Jackson takes on his former team. He and Atlanta will not hold back. Steven Jackson is my lock of the week to get into the end zone.

Wide receivers I believe in: I selected two guys here that are a bit more under the radar, but they shouldn’t be. I know it was a sad week for the Jaguars but the good news is that gunslinger Chad Henne will start this week, and that is good news for Shorts as he’ll take advantage, and catch some passes deep down the field. Thompkins will have a nice week based on the fact that somebody has to catch the ball for Tom Brady. Did you know that he was targeted 14 times last week? Start him if you are feeling lucky, and cash in!

 That’s all I wrote. If my predictions don’t all end up being complete duds hopefully I’ll have another column up next week. Thanks for reading and may the Fantasy Football gods bless your roster.  Best wishes.