Dave Being Brave

Story by David Heiling, Sports Editor

Clean slate on picks this week. I have two picks that will blow you away. Those picks are at the end though, so you will have to keep reading throughout this article to find them.

Last week I talked about how awesome Doug Martin was, even though he was a little bit unknown. Well he is known now.

After his 31 points in standard leagues in ESPN fantasy football last week, he turned around and said, “hey, thats not good enough, I’m going to score 51 instead.”

Okay, he really didn’t say that, but he did actually score the 51 points. Yes, 51 … which happens to be third all-time in the same ESPN standard scoring leagues.

He finished only behind Clinton Portis in 2003 with 54 points and Shaun Alexander in 2002 with 52 points.

You go Douggy Martin, you go.

He beat the next highest point scorer this week, Adrian Peterson, by 20 points. This is pretty phenomenal because Doug Martin is on my team.

I lost though, because that guy we call our Editor in Chief beat me. Pathetic.

Our beloved Packers are on a bye-week this week and that means that special attention will be given to other rivals around the league and teams that I, personally despise.

This includes the Bears, Vikings, Patriots and Cowboys above the rest.

That being said, some of these teams have a favorable matchup this week and that is why I will give you three, yes three brave picks for this week in fantasy football.

Sidenote: I am now 4-5 in the league.

— Patriots QB Tom Brady will have at least 30 points.
They are playing the Bills, the Patriots kill the Bills every game and there is always a bonkers air raid.

— Vikings TE Kyle Rudolph will have at least 12 points.
Detroit lets up the 8th most fantasy points to opposing tight ends and Kyle Rudolph is due for a big game.

— Cowboys WR Miles Austin will have 2 TDs