Moving Indoors


Story by Rita Fay, Staff Writer


The women beat UW-Stevens Point 9-0 on Oct. 5. They continued their success and defeated UW-Oshkosh on Saturday, 8-1.

Although the cold and windy weather required the match be moved indoors, it did little to deter the talented game playing of the Lady

Senior Taylor Heltne said that playing on the indoor surface makes the ball unpredictable, making it travel faster and quicker; it takes awhile to get used to it.

Although the surface indoors is different from an outdoor court, the women had the chance to practice on it twice before their matches against Stevens Point and Oshkosh. However, coach Tom Gillman said it was still a bit
difficult for
the team.

“It was a pretty good challenge for us. I know that sounds crazy because it’s our home court but we don’t play there. We play outside,” Tom
Gillman said.

The girls played well all weekend with only one lost match, a singles match on Saturday
against Oshkosh.

Coach Gillman said that the team learned from past games and experiences. The girls need to remain relaxed, tough and consistent to keep the success going.

The two winning matches over the weekend leaves the team with a season record of 8-1, a feat that has been aided by having practice for two hours a day, Monday through Friday. Katie Gillman, a junior, said this year the team has been working well together and is one of the reasons they have been so

“We’re not just playing for ourselves, we’re playing for the team. We want to win for the team and
ourselves,” Katie Gillman said.

The team has two tough matches this coming weekend against the UW-La Crosse and Winona State (Minn.). The team seems ready and excited to take on a challenge like La Crosse.

“I think our team is ready and hungry because we haven’t beaten La Crosse head to head in a couple years and so it would be an awesome feeling to get that,” Heltne said. “The year is winding down, so why not go out with a bang?”

Last year the women placed second in the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. The conference tournament is taking place in two weeks and the women are looking to take the first place title.

Coach Gillman said it is a pivotal point in the season and he plans on utilizing this coming weekend’s match against La Crosse by learning from it.

“I think when you’re ambitious, you’re prepared for anything,” Tom
Gillman said.

The women have a 4-1 record in the WIAC for the season. It’s possible that if the team stays consistent, that WIAC record may have a couple more wins added to it.