Where Do We Play?


Story by Steve Fruehauf, Copy Editor

Bollinger Field 

In 1997, Eau Claire named Bollinger Field after Jim Bollinger, who was a large contributor to its creation and a fellow graduate. He had worked at Eau Claire for 27 years prior to his retirement, which was the same year as the field’s dedication. Bollinger Field is now home to the Eau Claire women’s soccer team, numerous practice fields for the softball team and a rugby pitch. It’s located at 990 West Hamilton Avenue, only a few minutes from campus. If interested in viewing a soccer game, there is limited bleacher space along with standing area on
the sidelines.

W.L. Zorn Arena 

Zorn Arena is home to both the men’s and women’s basketball teams at Eau Claire. The building was named after Willis L. Zorn, who held numerous positions throughout his employment on campus including director of athletics and head basketball coach. The arena is located at 121 Garfield Avenue just across from Hibbard Hall on lower campus. It can hold approximately 2,400 people.


Carson Park 

The patch of land now known as Carson Park was donated to the city of Eau Claire in 1914 by a descendant of William Carson, a successful lumberjack in the area. The park, now currently owned and operated by the city of Eau Claire, is home to the Eau Claire football and softball team along with various high school sports in the area. The football field can hold around 6,500 fans, while the softball field, Gelein Field, can house approximately 800 to 1,000 people. Both areas are located at 199 Carson Park Drive.

McPhee Physical Education Center –

The men’s and women’s tennis, swimming & diving, and volleyball team all call McPhee Center home. The volleyball court holds approximately 1,000 people, the swimming pool around 250 people and the tennis courts have limited bleacher space and a standing area on site.  The building is located at 509 University Drive, diagonal to the Towers dormitories. It first coined its name in 1969 and was renovated in 2007. Eugene McPhee, whom the building is named after, was born, earned a degree and taught in Eau Claire before moving onto UW-Madison to continue teaching. The center also houses the Eau Claire gymnastics and wrestling teams.

Hobbs Ice Center

Eau Claire named their new ice center in honor of the Hobbs family in 1974. The family was best known for creating the Hobbs Foundation which raised and donated approximately $5 million to local charities and other projects in the area. The Hobbs Ice Center itself can now hold around 1,100 people after a $6 million renovation done in 2010. It is home to the Eau Claire men’s and women’s hockey teams, along with local high school and youth teams. It is located at 915 Menomonie Street.