“I’m On One”


Let’s be real, Drake’s songs can be hit or miss sometimes, but what do you expect from a rapper who used to play a paraplegic former basketball
player on Degrassi?

I first heard this song while valeting at a high-end hotel this summer, and it was blasted at maximum volume in a brand new Range Rover. I usually turn down the volume immediately after entering such cars, but the beat to this song instantly had me, and I kept it blasting.

It was a busy night and other people were waiting for their cars, but I elected to take my time, with the hopes of catching the chorus for the title of the song.

Then Drake told me: I’m On One.

Well, actually he’s on one, but that ruins the title of the song. Anyways, ever since then, I have never been able to get enough of the beat to this song. It instantly gets me pumped, even before a single lyric is dropped.

This is good, because as awesome as the beat to the song is, the lyrics are very average. Drake’s verse is easily the best, but there isn’t a lot of substance to the message he’s delivering. Basically, he’s on one. Unfortunately, the ‘one’ he is on is that ‘purple drank’ or ‘sizzurp’ that landed former-Packer Johnny Jolly six years in jail. But, whatevs.

Rick Ross’ verse could use some improvement, and Lil’ Wayne’s isn’t his best either, but who cares? The beat is awesome, and as long as you don’t partake in anything they talk about, this song won’t fail to pump you up.

-Frank F. Pellegrino, Chief Copy Editor