Fight Songs: On, Wisconsin!

Story by Emily Gresbrink

On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!
Plunge right through that line!
Run the ball clear down the field,
 A touchdown sure this time. (U rah rah)
On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!
Fight on for her fame
Fight! Fellows! – fight, fight, fight!
We’ll win this game.

How pumped are you?
I am pumped up like a bike tire: raring and ready to roll. Although I hail from Minnesota (no pun intended), nothing gets my spirit going like a good ol’ rousing round of this fight song. I hear it and instantly want to kick some major ass. And maybe even try sports!

School references tasteful, abundant?
Well, they clearly say what state it represents. However, this verse is a little biased towards football only — I am sure there are more generic verses for other games, but this is the one I know. I also noticed it doesn’t really refer to the mascot (the Badgers) nor the school itself (UW-Madison).
This is odd, because most people I know don’t refer to UW-Madison as “Wisconsin,” but more along the lines of just “Madison.” However, they sure know where they are from, which is great!

Music over the top? Under the top? Topped?
I really, REALLY like this song. As a band nerd and connoisseur of fight songs from all corners of the land (thanks, high school pep band!), I’ve played this arrangement in many different settings (both high school and here at UW-Eau Claire). It also happens to be the state song for Wisconsin, which I think is super creative. Way to go green and recycle songs, Wisco!

I think that in the arrangement, the brass is very heavily emphasized, which is wonderful. Not that I am a biased trombone player or anything … but the arrangement is well done and can be played by musicians of all levels and sung by fans of all musical talents!

Does it inspire school spirit?
Obvs! I wouldn’t be writing about it if it didn’t. I mean, this is our STATE’S rouser. It’s the fast-paced, in-your-face version of an orchestral suite dedicated to the state of Wisconsin. It makes me want to teach everyone how to Bucky and rock my shirt bearing an infamous and rather offensively worded cheer from Camp Randall (Google it, if you’re curious).

Regardless of apparel or action in the stands of any Badger game, anytime “On, Wisconsin!” meets that famous tune, you can bet I’ll be on my feet clapping along and cheering for the best school in the state that isn’t UW-Eau Claire!