Fight Songs: UW-Whitewater

Story by Taylor Kuether

Warhawks, we’re the Warhawks,
Shouting out our battle cry.
So beat the drum and let the trumpets blow,
On to victory Go!…..GO!
Warhawks, might-y Warhawks,
We are proud to bear that name
So take the ball again and go,
Whitewater Win-this-game.

How pumped are you?
I am the most pumped! This song makes me want to be good at sports, or at least play them. This song doesn’t have highs and lows, it is solid energy and pump-up madness from start to finish. I imagine it gets Warhawk fans in a veritable frenzy. I imagine bleachers collapse from the sheer excitement that the crowd is invigorated with when the strains of the trumpets (referenced in line three of the song’s lyrics) meet their ears.

School references tasteful, abundant?
Sort of. It really only references the Warhawk mascot (which, by the way, is what? A warhawk is almost as unclear and fictitious as, well, a Blugold.), but the line stating, “So take the ball again and go” is open-ended enough to encompass any sport that involves a ball … essentially everything but running, swimming and gymnastics. Kudos to them for seeming to include more than football! (But they probably do just mean football. I mean, they’re really good at it.)

Music over the top? Under the top? Topped?
The music, to me, was the best part. Many fight songs are awkwardly paced little ditties that even the band geeks (I say that affectionately) feel kind of unsure of when they’re playing them. Not Whitewater. Their fight song is like the heroic, epic climax of a Disney movie. Well played, Warhawks, well played. (Get it? Like playing an instrument. Band joke!)

Does it inspire school spirit?
Absolutely. I obviously don’t go to Whitewater, but the song makes me excited for those who do. Line two of the lyrics even implores fans to shout their battle cry, which can speak to any sport at any level, such as my high school girls basketball team’s multiple state championship wins as the students screamed their throats hoarse, or college students shouting at TV screens all over town as the Packers won Superbowl XLV. Without lyrics, the music is the perfect song to which fans of any team might storm the football field or basketball court after a big win. Or to which Aladdin might defeat the evil Jafar, rescue Jasmine and free Genie.