Fight Songs: The Panther Fight Song

Story by Katie Hoffman

Do you like getting fired-up? Well, sir or ma’am, you’re in luck! Each week, a columnist will review a fight song from the great state of Wisconsin. Use your aggression appropriately now, ya hear?

Fight fight fight for U-Double-u-M,
fight to the end, win it again!
Fight fight fight for the black
and gold,
Our team’s brave and bold to victory we’ll hold!
Fight fight fight for U-Double-u-M,
Fight for her fame, we’ll win the game.
And when the Panther prowls we’ll give a howl,
We’ll FIGHT! FIGHT! For U-Double-u-M!

How pumped are you?
Coming from a girl who wanted to go to a DI school, I can imagine being at a Panther basketball game, in a huge stadium with a bunch of my friends, listening to the band play our school song, and feeling so excited for the game. I don’t even like sports (nor am I coordinated enough to play them) but there’s something about school songs that just gets me so pumped.

School references tasteful/abundant?
Not going to lie, I’m jealous of a school that actually has a mascot to sing about. Furthermore, a panther is probably one of the best, fiercest mascots out there. People know what a panther is, can picture it in their heads tearing apart the competition, and don’t spend the entire song wondering what they’re singing about (cough, Blugolds, cough). I think it’s safe to say, though, that whoever wrote this song went a little overboard with the fighting. I mean, really. We get it. You’re gonna fight.

Music over the top? Under the top? Topped?
The music in this fight song is fantastic. It’s short, up-beat and starts with a bang. I’m happy there isn’t an overload of tuba, which can completely ruin a great song — not to mention school spirit. It feels like a song I’d hear in one of the old movies my mom is constantly trying to get me to watch on TV, when everyone is dancing around, loving life and smiling at each other. The music is classy and carefree, just like life in college. Right?

Does it inspire school spirit?
As much as I hate sports, I can’t deny the spirit this song brings me. I’m no Panther, but if I was, I imagine this song would connect the fans cheering on their team, uniting everyone in their gold and black gear. It’s enough to make me grab popcorn, nachos and Starbursts and spend a night at U.S. Cellular Arena. It probably wouldn’t even matter if the Panthers won the game. They already won the fight song jackpot.