Quite Frankly: Three up, three down

Story by Frank F. Pellegrino

Since the season began, we have seen the stock of many players rise and fall. In the last few weeks especially, some names have begun to stand out, sometimes as much for inability as ability.

Here are some players who are on the way up, and others who are on the way down.

Three up

Kyle Orton, QB, Broncos
That name felt really weird for me to write in this section. Kyle Orton has been my

biggest surprise of the Fantasy football season thus far. Orton has quietly been the third highest Fantasy scorer this year and it hasn’t been by luck.

The Broncos have abandoned the run completely and are letting Orton chuck it a million times a game. And with the barrage of talented receivers he has to throw to, it’s worked out pretty well. He’s on pace for more than 5500 yards and 25 TDs.

That’s ridiculous.

Terrell Owens, WR, Bengals
Owens is a perfect example of how quickly a player’s value can rise or fall. He began the season with plenty of skepticism surrounding him, most of which seemed justified over his first three games.

In the last two weeks though, he has averaged 8.5 receptions, 112 yards and one touchdown per game. Not to mention his 61 total targets, which leads the league. All of that equals a boatload of points.

Start him until he proves to you he’s not worth it.

Danny Amendola, WR, Rams
Who? People won’t be asking that for long about Amendola.

Amendola’s teammate, and the Rams’ former number one receiver, Mark

Clayton went down last week for the season.

That leaves room for somebody to step up as Sam Bradford’s new favorite target.

With 19 passes thrown his way after Clayton went down, it looks like Amendola is going to be that guy. Amendola makes plenty of catches but is still searching for his first touchdown. I expect that to change now that he is the focal point.

I look at him as a poor man’s Wes Welker.

Three down

Dwayne Bowe, WR, Chiefs
Bowe has bricks for hands. Actual, literal bricks are attached at the end of his arms I’m pretty sure. If you missed it last weekend, Bowe missed back-to-back touchdown catches when his team needed him.

He has nine receptions for 152 yards and one touchdown on the entire season. Or, as much as you’d want from him in a single week.

Not only can you drop him from your Fantasy team, but there have even been talks the Chiefs might release him. Ouch.

Marion Barber, RB, Cowboys
The Cowboys’ running back situation has always been tough to judge since they share the duties so much. At least there was some value in Barber before because he was the “starter” and getting the most touches.

All of that is gone now after Felix Jones stepped up last week and proved he deserves more touches. Barber had 6 carries for just 19 yards and the Cowboys are now saying Jones is their guy. Cut ties with him, and grab Jones (who almost made my “three up” section) if available.

Drew Brees, QB, Saints
What, how can that be? I don’t know why, but Brees has been in a funk all season long. He struggled last week against the pitiful Cardinals defense with three interceptions and a fumble.

His team also was one for four in red zone opportunities, a number that’s not just bad for Brees, but would be bad for any quarterback. Until the running backs on his team get healthy, defenses will continue to focus on just stopping the passing game.

Obviously don’t drop him, but there are a lot better starting options still available in many leagues.