What ever happened to: Pokemon?

Renee Rosenow

Cute things have always been the rage for me.

Hello Kitty, pictures of puppies hugging, babies and stuffonmycat.com are just a few things I recommend to those with the same affinity for all things adorable. But where did it all start? Television, of course!

The epitome of cuteness on television for my generation was Pokémon. There were enough cute creatures with cute sayings and cute personalities to make anyone’s eyes water.

In each show, Ash, the main character, would run around with Misty and Brock and a horde of fictional little creatures that they caught. They’d make the little things fight each other, which seems cruel, but mostly everyone was having a good time.

Pokémon eventually turned into quite the franchise. It began as a video game and has become a television show, series of movies and a trading card game.

Junior Scott Kersten said he played the game quite often as a child and still plays a little today.

“I was obsessed with the games and the cards,” he said. “I’m playing Pokémon Emerald now.”

So, whatever did happen to Pokémon? Check out Best Buy or Toys ‘R Us to find out. Unlike many fads of the past, this one is still going strong.

“Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia” will be released on Nov. 10, of this year, according to www.pokemon.com. Many game shops still sell the trading cards, including Fountain of Youth Games, 216 Water St. Cartoon Network still plays the shows on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

“I think Pokémon is more on its way back than anything,” said Kersten, and perhaps it is.

Captain Planet and Carebears are long gone, but Pokémon may be here to stay.

Ekern is a sophomore print journalism major and copy editor of The Spectator.