Reading for pleasure beneficial, enjoyable

Renee Rosenow

Reading for fun – I remember those days, “Goosebumps,” “Chronicles of Narnia” and everything written by Judy Bloom. I’m not sure about everyone else but my days of reading for fun were over when I started college. Danielle Steel’s new steamy romance novel took the back seat to endless chapters of Western Civ. For some, reading for fun was over when the “Harry Potter” series ended, or some are still reading but it’s just a matter of time until Oprah puts another acclaimed classic on her book club list.

Reading for pleasure might be the last thing a student feels the need to spend doing in their free time but for some reading for pleasure can have its benefits.

Senior Tessa Lambrecht thinks reading is important.

“I feel that reading for pleasure is just as beneficial as reading for classes,” Lambrecht said. “Reading increases your vocabulary, as well as helping with critical thinking,” she said. Although Lambrecht like most students finds it hard to juggle free time with commitment for class.

“Watching TV or using the internet allows you to multi-task, with reading you can only concentrate on that, Lambrecht said.”

Mark Patterson, owner of Crossroad Books, 301 Barstow St. has always had a strong devotion to reading. Patterson sympathizes with college students and understands that heavy course loads can affect the time a student as to read. However, Patterson still stresses the importance of reading.

“I don’t think you can have a good connection with the world without reading. Fiction or non, you develop a picture of other cultures and ideas that you could not elsewhere,” said Patterson. Patterson added that there are less people reading for pleasure than ever before.

“There is too much competition for peoples’ time,” he said.

If you do find yourself with some free time and Facebook is getting a little monotonous, pick up a good book. Eau Claire offers an array of book stores.

After doing a little research I found some fabulous places to get your read on. Crossroad Books offers a wide variety of used and hard to find classics (perfect for the college budget). Ottawa House Books, located on 602 Water Street, is also a good find and its location is hard to beat. If you try these hidden gems of stores out and still can’t find a book that’s right for you I recommend you check out Border’s, at 4030 Commonwealth Ave. Border’s carries thousands of books for everyone’s interest so even the pickiest reader can find something.

Kloek is a senior public relations major and copy editor for The Spectator.