Who are they?

Janie Boschma

The Spectator spoke with senior Analiese Tushaus, captain of the Figure Skating Club and Team.

What is the difference between the Figure Skating Club and the Figure Skating Team?

The club is for individual skaters who would like to keep up the skating they did in high school, whereas the team is a synchronized skating team. It’s a mix between synchronized swimming and a dance team. The skaters perform a routine where they are all dressed the same and doing the same footwork. It’s a different type of skating than most people are used to seeing. There are 23 members on the team and the club. Not all the girls in the club are on the team.

How often do the team and club meet?

Generally the skaters practice three hours a week both on and off ice. The team’s season started September 25 and runs until April.

What kind of events do the Figure Skating Club and Team do?

The team competes, and also skates in local ice shows and at UW-Eau Claire hockey games. The team also does fundraising and volunteering.

How does someone get involved?

The team already held tryouts and members have been selected, but if someone wants to join the club and skate individually, he or she is welcome to join at any time. Contact Analiese Tushaus at [email protected] or check out www.uwec.edu/figureskate.