Getting to Know You

Adrian Northrup

Favorite movie: “Saving Private Ryan”
Favorite band: The Eagles
Favorite song: “You’re my Angel” by Brooks ‘n Dunn
Favorite sport: Football
Favorite hobby outside of work: Riding my Honda Goldwin. My favorite trip was when my wife and I were married in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
Living or dead, who would you like to meet: Colin Powell – I admire him; he’s a classy guy.
Something that students do that annoys you: When they post things in inappropriate places around campus because then the custodians have to remove them.
Guilty Pleasure: A bottle of brandy every once in a while
Worst Fear: Not being physically able to ride my motorcycle
If you won the lottery: I’d retire and then travel all over. I’d probably take my wife to Hong Kong because I’ve been there.
Quote to live by: It’s not really a quote, but the lyrics in the Eagle song “Get Over It” on “Hell Freezes Over.”
What did you want to be as a kid: A pilot. I envisioned myself as a fighter jock.
When you get home from work what is the first thing you usually do: Turn on the TV. I watch “M.A.S.H.” if it’s on.
Weirdest experience at UW-Eau Claire: One time I had to remove baby ducks from the second floor of the library. They had hatched up there and people were worried they were going to starve, so we went up there and moved them to the creek.
Most rewarding experience at Eau Claire: Hiring a new custodian and knowing they are grateful for the job.
Craziest story from your 20s: When I was in the Navy in San Francisco (in 1969) I’d observe the different types of people, like the hippies. The different people were bizarre.
One word that best describes you: Committed