Patty Practice has come to save the day!

You are sitting down for an interview with a human resources representative. She politely asks questions that you knew were coming, and you respond, trying to give the best answers possible. After it is over, you watch footage with a counselor who tells you how you did. You just used the computer program at Career Services nicknamed “Patty Practice.”

Rez Fusion’s interview practice console, or “Patty Practice,” is a new mock interview service that Career Services provides, said Career and Employment Coordinator Robin Johengen.

“It’s a video station that has a computer in it, and you can select the questions that you want to be asked and then respond to the questions,” she said. “Once you finished responding, you can review your response.”

Interviews with Patty Practice are set up by going to Career Service’s Web site at Clicking on “Meet Patty Practice” will bring up a page with links to more information and a space to set up a free Rez Fusion account.

Setting up an account involves answering a few questions about career interests. Interviews can be scheduled from the student’s Rez Fusion accounts.

Senior Stephanie Peebles, a career associate for Career Services, said she found Patty Practice very helpful when preparing for interviews.

“I was not nervous at all,” she said. “I was anticipating questions.”

She said feedback from the counselor at Career Services was especially helpful.

“It’s good to see what you do wrong and … what you do right,” Peebles said.

She said she was surprised by what the counselors said because she thought she had done well, but they were able to give her several insights in how to answer.

The interviews are recorded and saved in the student’s Rez Fusion accounts. They can be e-mailed to anybody such as career service members or to family members who can give insight.

The Patty Practice kiosk is on lease from Rez Fusion and consists of a computer screen and keyboard. During the actual interview, video footage of a woman appears and asks the questions. She then responds with active listening, such as keeping eye contact and nodding as the answers are recorded.

Career Services has had Patty Practice since October, but only five to six students have used it, Johengen said. However, the feedback from students was positive, and one student has used the machine three times.

Patty Practice will be at Internship Mania from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday in the Council Fire Room of Davies Center.