National duo act ‘Bound for the’ House of Rock

Although its a two piece band, fans say Chicago-based Local H isn’t lacking in live sound.

“I like the fact that there are only two people in the band and they have such a huge sound,” junior Bill Verthein said.

Scott Lucas, guitarist and singer, said the band isn’t limited by the guitar with bass pick ups and drum set up, and it doesn’t figure into the band’s albums.

“It never really comes into play when we’re making a record,” he said. “It only comes into play when trying to figure out how to make that stuff work on stage.”

Lucas said he is not bitter that other bands have adopted the bassless line up, adding that he got the idea from other bands such as Jigsaw Mudpuppies.

“(Mudpuppies is) the band that I saw that sort of convinced me that it could be done with just two people,” he said. “Not only could it be done but could also be really entertaining and different.”

Lucas said the band is not fixed at two members and performed with a bassist on occasion in the past. Lucas and drumer Brain St. Clair will perform as a duo Friday.

Student Radio Initiative is hosting the concert and will also feature opening acts Short and Sweet and the Drunk Drivers.

SRI’s Concert Director Patrick Boland said the concert will raise money and awareness of the organization.

“Our goal isn’t to make a large profit at this point,” he said, “it’s just to get our name out there.”

Boland said most of the revenue raised will go toward the expenses of putting on the show.

He said SRI was interested in bringing in Local H because it is a national band with a well-known name.

Local H was launched into the mainstream in 1996 with the success of its second album, “As Good As Dead” which featured the single “Bound for the Floor.”

Local H + Short and Sweet + Drunk Drivers
Time: 9 p.m.
Date: Friday
Place: House of Rock, 422 Water St.
Cost: $10

The band currently is touring in support of its latest release, “Whatever Happened to P.J. Soles.”

Lucas said the title of the album is partly because he is a fan of P.J. Soles, but also it’s a comment on society.

He said the title was a reference to fans’ “need for these people to have to stand in the public eye to be important to people, that whole ‘where are they now’ type of stuff really annoys me.”

The album’s cover art is a reference to Sole’s appearance in the movie, “Rock and Roll High School,” Lucas said.

Although, “Whatever Happened to P.J. Soles,” is its latest release, Lucas said the band would play whatever songs it felt appropriate from all of its CDs.

He said the band wouldn’t shy away from its radio hits.

“I don’t have the attitude that if it was played on the radio, it’s worthless,” he said.

Lucas said he didn’t know how to describe the band’s sound and that he was personally influenced by all the good music he had heard and to a lesser degree, the bad music. He recommended listening to the latest record to get an idea of Local H’s sound.

Verthein said he suggests students check out the older tracks “Bound for the Floor,” “Hands on the Bible” and “High Fiving MF,” if they are unfamilar with the band.

Verthein said he saw the band for the first time about eight years ago. He really enjoyed the atmosphere at the concert.

“I think it’s just the people they attract,” he said. “The people are very into the music and generally energetic.”

Tickets are available at Union Records, 434 Water St., and the House of Rock for $10. Joe Gunderson, in charge of booking and promotions at House of Rock, said there was about 150 tickets left on Wednesday. He said he expects it to nearly sell out.