Living the ‘poly’dream

Renee Rosenow

The members of the band “Polydream” are no strangers to Eau Claire, but drummer Brit Rice says fans will enjoy this show more than last time.

“We’ve been revamping our live show hard core,” Rice said. “We’re 10 times better than last time at Stones Throw.” The band most recently played in Eau Claire with the Verve Pipe last winter.

Fans and new listeners can catch “Polydream” at the Stones Throw, 304 Eau Claire St., at 10 p.m. on Saturday.

Rice enjoys playing at the Stones Throw for many reasons, including how helpful the bar owners have been.

“We’ve developed a personal kind of relationship with them,” Rice said. “They’re believers in the band. They’ve given us more chances than we probably deserve.”

Senior Ali Tetzloff enjoys going to Stones Throw as a fan.

“It’s a really different atmosphere . not a typical Water Street bar,” Tetzloff said, adding that Stones Throw draws a lot of college students and that there are always plenty of people to meet.

Rice also likes how receptive Eau Claire seems to be of their music, saying how difficult it is playing in other cities. He also likes playing in the midwest since all the members are from Wisconsin.

“In some cities, people will seek out new music,” he said. He especially noted such cities as Minneapolis, Minn. and Austin, Tex.

Tetzloff is one of those people and she thinks that knowing the band playing is not always necessary to having a good time.

“It’s always good to expand your listening and to learn about a new band you never knew before,” she said. “You might actually love them.”

Tetzloff thinks she’ll attend this concert because concerts are always fairly inexpensive at Stones Throw and because it’s something different to do at night.

“Polydream” has been compared to bands such as “Oasis” and “Snow Patrol” and the members are heavily influenced by British, melodic rock.

“One of our official categories is dream pop,” Rice said. “We try to be very innovative . but there are certain influences that leak into our record.”

While Rice doesn’t think “Polydream” is as charismatic in concert as similar bands, he still thinks they put on a good show.

Rice also believes “Polydream” has a better work ethic and standard of how they make music compared to other bands.

“When we’re throwing out ideas, it’s really up to the three other members to break the idea,” he said. “We try to continually test the integrity of a song. We have a very high standard.”

Rice has helped produce other bands’ records and says he’s seen bands write a song in five minutes, questioning how happy they could actually be with it.

“We make it very hard on ourselves,” Rice said. “We do things the hardest way possible. I think our album speaks truth . we’re proud of it.” Part of “Polydream’s” work ethic is to always put their best foot forward in everything they do.

For someone who has never been there before, Tetzloff thinks Stones Throw is a fun place to go because it has two levels for concert viewing, pool tables and darts on the first floor, and fishbowls.

“The fishbowls are really good. They’re fun to split with your friends,” she said.

Rice hopes people can walk away from their show with a new outlook on life. “Polydream” is living out their dream and wants people to do the same by living life fearlessly.

“To have courage to be all you want to be in life,” Rice said. “It’s really what we’re all about. Engaging in our world, engaging with each other and living authentic and passionate lives.”