‘Hormonal Imbalance’ aims for a ‘bitchin’ performance

“We are a traveling pajama party.”

That is how Sally Fingerett described the show she and three other women – known together as the Four Bitchin’ Babes – will perform in Eau Claire this weekend.

The group of “singer-performer-comedians” will perform their new “estrogen-fueled” show, “Hormonal Imbalance . A Mood Swinging Musical Revue,” on Friday at the State Theatre, 316 Eau Claire St.

“It’s basically a musical version of ‘The View,'” Fingerett said, explaining the songs and stories range from not making the cheerleading team in high school to a song about Viagra.

Fingerett, one of its founding members, said the group began 17 years ago when one of the Babes recorded an album of winter folk songs and decided to organize a road tour.

At the group’s last performance, they decided to record their gig, Fingerett said, and the Four Bitchin’ Babes were born.

“We are best friends from childhood who didn’t meet until their 40s and 50s,” Fingerett said. “People often ask if we are as close off stage as we are on, and we are.”

From an urban, single sophisticate to a mother of a child with special needs to a woman in her second marriage with three kids, Fingerett said she, along with fellow Babes Debi Smith, Nancy Moran and Deirdre Flint, represent a wide variety of views and age groups.

“Together we encompass all roles, attitudes and ages that women have,” Fingerett said.

While the show’s focus is primarily the lives and experiences of everyday women, Fingerett said there have been men who really enjoyed the show as well.

“It’s a very man-friendly show – not at all man-bashing,” she said. “Men love it because they get a chance to see what women talk about over lunch.”

Senior Victoria Gottsacker said she hadn’t heard about the group until she saw a poster this week in the residence halls.

“I’d love to check it out,” Gottsacker, adding that as an RA in Governors Hall, she is encouraging her residents to go.

“I think it’s good for them to see empowered women . just to be able to be inspired and to see crazy women on the stage.”

While all the songs and stories themselves are all written out, Fingerett said the rest of the show is spontaneous.

“It’s not a scripted event,” she said. “It’s a very fun show with lots of shtick. We have a lot of fun on stag. It’s just a hoot.”