Police Blotter

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Disappearing act

A student called University police around 7:22 p.m on Oct. 26 because he believed his backpack was stolen from a classroom in Phillips Science Hall.

The man said he left his backpack in a classroom while in a science lab, and realized his backpack was missing when he came back to retrieve it.

The man said he checked the classroom as well as the Geology Department office. He also asked several professors if they had seen his backpack.

According to the report, the backpack is described as being a black cloth messenger-style bag with the following contents: a black HP laptop, common access card reader, red wired computer mouse and Student Senate budget documents.

The man informed the police he did not give anyone permission to take his backpack and he does not know anyone who would have taken it.


Footbridge graffiti

Graffiti was found around 2:47 a.m on Oct. 24 on the UW-Eau Claire footbridge. The graffiti art resembled a smiley face.

According to the police report, the graffiti seemed to have been applied with black spray at least a few hours prior because the paint was dry upon arrival. The graffiti was affixed on the cement area of the bridge close to the southwest side.

The officer then searched the area and could not locate any other areas of graffiti on the bridge.


Suspicious group

UW- Eau Claire police was called around 11:15 p.m on Oct. 21 for a suspected drug case in Towers Hall North.

The resident assistant on the suspected floor contacted them when she was in her room and detected a “very prominent” odor of marijuana coming from one of the rooms on the men’s wing.

The resident assistant said she could also smell strong air freshener coming from within the room as if someone was attempting to mask the odor of the marijuana.

According to the report, the officer went up to the suspected floor and could smell a faint odor of marijuana in the hallway as soon as she exited the elevator. As she went to the room where the resident assistant believed the smell was coming from, she detected what appeared to be an air freshener in the hallway.

She could not detect the odor of marijuana coming from the room. The officer knocked on the door and one of the residents opened the door.

When the officer asked to enter the room, the resident denied her access. He said he would feel more comfortable speaking in the hallway because he was just about to go to bed.

After they exited the room she told them the university police received a complaint about the odor of marijuana coming from their room. The men said none of them had smoked marijuana within the room or outside. They seemed confused as to why they would receive a complaint and said they couldn’t smell any marijuana.

According to the police report, when the officer asked why they denied her access to enter the room one of the men said he had a very important paper that was due in the morning. The officer said the man appeared very nervous and concerned.

The resident told the officer he wanted to tell her something without getting someone else in trouble. He then told the officer they were with someone that night who had smoked marijuana prior to returning to their dorm approximately 30 minutes earlier. They believed that was where the smell had come from.

The officer conducted a records check of the four men involved and found that two of them had previously been diverted or cited for marijuana.