Police Blotter

The smell of “marijuana” alarms dorm floor, prank calls frighten females


Story by Lauren Kritter, Chief Copy Editor

Crane overboard

A barge with a crane was floating down the Chippewa river around 330 Riverfront Terrace on September 7 around 6:17 p.m. The Communications Center advised to close down traffic on the Lake Street bridge because of it, according to the police report.

The officer on the scene activated his overhead emergency lights and blocked off the eastbound lane of the bridge. The two officers then exited their squad cars and directed traffic until Eau Claire Police Department officers arrived on the scene.

Missing bicycle

A bicycle was reported missing outside of Phillips Hall on September 8 around 5:20 p.m. The victim had parked his bike in the bike racks outside of the building before he went to class. When he returned to where his bicycle was around 4:55 p.m, he discovered it had been stolen. The victim told the officers that he did not lock his bike up.

According to the police report, the bicycle is described as being an orange, 1970s model Crescent Varldsmastercykeln brand racing bicycle.

He told the officers that he had not given anyone permission to take his bike while he was in class. —

Threatening calls

In a Governors Hall dorm room, threats were made to three females via telephone on Sept. 7 around 9 p.m., according to police reports.

One of the girls said she had received two phone calls from a blocked number. The first call was an unknown male voice that said, “Do you want to join the dark side,” according to police reports. The girls didn’t respond and received another phone call shortly after with a different male voice that said, “I know that you live in Governors.”

The girls told the officer they had an idea who might be making these phone calls. The police then went to that suspected dorm room and made contact with the residents. After the police explained why they were there and told the boys about the females receiving anonymous phone calls, one of the boys admitted to making the calls. He apologized for doing so and informed the officers that he didn’t mean any harm from the calls and he was just joking around.

The officers then went back to inform the girls that they had found who was making the calls. He told them if this type of behavior continues to contact University Police.

Incense or marijuana

An officer was dispatched to Towers North on September 8 for a drug investigation. She arrived on scene and met with the complainant. The girl advised the officer that she had received a phone call from a resident concerned with the strong odor of marijuana coming from one of the rooms.

When the officer went up to the door of the suspected room, she said she could hear no movement coming from inside.

Multiple females advised them that the smell was coming into their rooms and that they were heading out to buy air fresheners to alleviate the issue.

A strong odor of incense was coming from the door frame of the suspected room, but an odor of marijuana could not be detected, according to the police report. The officer knocked on the door and one of the residents eventually answered.

The residents allowed the officers to enter the room. A jar with various sticks of incense that appeared to have been burned earlier was detected.

The officers woke up the second roommate and stated the reason for the contact. Both females looked surprised when the officers stated the word “marijuana.”

Both females denied having any marijuana in the room. They apologized for burning incense and admitted they were unaware they could not burn it in the dorms.