Police Blotter

UW-Eau Claire Police responded to one drug and two underage alcohol consumption cases this week

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Responsible for their actions

UW-Eau Claire Police issued four underage alcohol consumption citations after resident assistants encountered an uncooperative room on the third floor of Oak Ridge Hall late Friday night.

The resident assistants made contact with campus police at approximately 12:11 a.m. Saturday in response to lack of cooperation after hearing residents on the third floor discussing using alcohol during both 10 p.m. and midnight rounds. The residents failed to present any alcohol they had present to the resident assistants.

After telling the residents they would be contacting campus police, the subjects turned over approximately 17 empty cans of Busch Light beer cans.

When the responding officers arrived, they found three female and two male subjects standing outside the room holding a plastic bag filled with the beer cans.

The resident, a female subject, denied consent for the officers to enter her room. The officers and subjects instead conversed inside the hall director’s office. While walking to the hall director’s office, one of the male subjects admitted to his uncooperative behavior and stated no one else had “done anything.” Still, the officers insisted they were all to be held responsible for their actions, although everyone else had been cooperative.

All the subjects confirmed drinking alcohol that night, except for one female subject. After obtaining a blood alcohol content of .00 from a preliminary breath test, the officers allowed her to leave.

A result of .10 was obtained from the uncooperative male subject’s preliminary breath test, and the other male blew a .07. The officers obtained a result of .04 from both the two female subjects.

Each of the subjects received first offense underage alcohol consumption citations.



Campus police responded to a detox situation regarding a female who passed out in the Towers Hall South lobby at approximately 8:35 p.m. Saturday night.

When officers arrived on the scene, a female subject was lying on the ground of the Towers Hall South entrance between two sets of doors. She was unconscious and unresponsive.

After identifying her through a driver’s license, the officers spoke to a friend of the subject who had brought her to upper campus. The subject was at a house party earlier, and had been extremely intoxicated and vomiting when her friend brought her back to the dorms.

The officers transported the female subject to Sacred Heart Hospital after issuing her a first offense underage consumption citation.