Police Blotter

UW-Eau Claire Police responded to 5 underage alcohol and 3 drug related cases this week


Story by Sami West, Staff Writer

Where not to “go”

Campus police issued a first offense underage alcohol consumption citation to a male subject on Garfield Avenue Hill at 9:40 p.m. Saturday night.

An officer patrolling campus noticed a male urinating about halfway up the hill. When he shined his alley light on the subject, he observed him quickly zip his pants up and begin walking away at a fast pace.

The subject stopped and identified himself as a student after the officer asked to speak with him. When the officer asked the subject why he chose to urinate on the hill, he said he “had to go” and “didn’t know where else to go.”

After observing the subject’s slurred speech, and bloodshot, glassy eyes, the officer determined he was extremely intoxicated. The officer could also detect the odor of strong intoxicants from his breath.

Extremely cooperative according to the police report, the subject apologized for urinating in public and admitted to drinking two “very strongly made” mixed drinks of whiskey.

The officer then asked if the subject had alcohol in his backpack. Opening his backpack immediately, the subject retrieved an almost full bottle of whiskey and handed it to the officer.

Following the proper disposal of the alcohol, the officer issued the subject an underage drinking citation.


Friendly concern

Late Saturday night, campus police responded to a possible detox situation in Putnam Hall that resulted in an underage alcohol citation.

Upon arriving on the scene, the responding officer made contact with the two complainants, two friends of the subject, in a stairwell. The girls were holding the subject up, as she could not stand on her own. They explained she had been vomiting on the Right Way bus earlier. The officer observed the subject’s eyes to be red and watery.

The officer asked the subject how she was feeling, to which she responded she was OK. As she spoke, the officer observed the strong odor of intoxicants on her breath. She stated she had drank vodka that night, and estimated she would score a score of .02 in a Preliminary Breath Test. She scored a blood alcohol content of .18.

The subject then began vomitting on the floor of the stairs. Her friends accompanied her to the bathroom where she continued to throw up. When she returned, the officer observed she “looked much better,” according to the police report.

After assisting the girls bring the subject to the futon in her room, and making sure she did not need medical assistance, the officer issued her an underage drinking citation and cleared the scene.


One call, four citations

After responding to a noise complaint on the fourth floor of Putnam Hall early Sunday morning, campus police issued three underage alcohol consumption citations and one possession of drug paraphernalia citation.

At approximately 3 a.m., campus police received a report of yelling, screaming and “other loud noises” coming from a room on the fourth floor. A resident assistant had attempted contact, but received no response.

When the officers arrived at the scene, the room was silent. They knocked on the door and received no response.

As the officers spoke to a resident assistant in the hallway, a female subject walked out of the room, closing the door quietly behind her “as if she had not heard them talking.” The officers explained they had attempted contact in response to a noise complaint, the subject explained she had not heard any loud noises. She then “looked around nervously” and said her friends were sleeping inside the room, denying the officers entry into the room.

After the officers explained she would have to wake her friends up to speak to them in the hallway anyway, the subject opened the door and flipped the lights on. Two males were sleeping in lofted futons on opposite sides of the room. In plain sight, police observed a multicolored wooden dugout on the desk. All three subjects exhibited red, bloodshot eyes and dilated pupils. The room smelled of “intoxicating beverages,” according to the police report.

The female subject tried to conceal the dugout multiple times, ignoring the officers’ requests to stop. One officer then asked her to step into the hallway, where she reluctantly admitted the dugout belonged to her. Inside the dugout, the officer found a metal pipe painted like a cigarette with black burn residue in the bowl area, and green leafy substance. The subject began crying, saying her “life was over” and she “couldn’t get into any more trouble.” She also admitted to drinking that night, though she did not know how much. Despite refusing a Preliminary Breath Test, the subject received an underage alcohol citation in addition to a possession of drug paraphernalia citation.

The male subjects inside the room were “uncooperative, argumentative and confrontational” during the officers’ contact with them. Both denied to drinking that night and refused a Preliminary Breath Test. After being escorted to the police car, one subject attempted to run away. After issuing the two males underage alcohol consumption citations, police cleared the scene.