Police Blotter: 11/8/12


Story by The Spectator Staff

Clear and out in the open
Sunday, Nov. 4

Around 1 a.m., an officer patrolling Towers Circle observed a male student vomiting in front of Towers Hall. The police officer parked the car and called for another officer to assist him while making contact with the two males outside of the dorm. The vomiting male identified himself and when the officer asked why he was puking, he said that he had eaten something bad. The officer then saw that the puddle of vomit was a clear liquid and that both of them had bloodshot glassy eyes. He asked if they had been drinking, and both male students admitted that they had been, but that they had quit over an hour ago.
When the officer asked what it was they had been drinking, they did not answer. They did agree to submit a preliminary breath test, in which both resulted as a .09. The officers radioed the communication center and found that neither had any previous violations.
Both were written ordinances and notified of court appearance dates as well as their fines. Officers reported that both individuals were cooperative during the interaction and then cleared the scene.