Police Blotter: 11/15/12


Story by Spectator Staff

Vandalism at Phillips
Friday, Nov. 9

At approximately 3:03 p.m., an officer was sent to the parking lot next to Phillips Hall after the department had been emailed by a person who said her car had been vandalized there. The person included photos in her email.

She said that she had class between 8:45 and 5:30 pm on Nov. 8.

After getting back to the car, she said that the side-view mirror had been broken off of the passenger side of the car.
She reported no other damage to the vehicle, but the mirror was placed on the top of the car. There was no note left and the woman said she did not know who may have done this.

Student wields sword
Saturday, Nov. 10

At approximately 1:03 a.m., an officer was conducting a random patrol on Garfield Drive.

Prior to continuing up the hill, she saw a man to her left in the grassy area by the culvert of Little Niagra Creek. The person was waving a silver samurai sword in the air, according to the report.

When the officer approached him, he had already put the sword back in the holster.

The officer told the man to not unsheath the sword and to put it on the hood of the squad car. The man then responded by saying he was just practicing “kado.”

The officer, when identifying the man, found out he lived on upper campus. The officer proceeded to ask him why he was practicing down on lower campus if he lived in a hall on upper campus.

The man then said he wanted to practice in a place that was “out of the way.” He then said that he was not a part of any clubs that are involved in this type of martial art and was unaware if there was one.

The man said that his sword was not sharp and was strictly meant for practice. The officer responded by saying he could be cited for violating a UW System code for dangerous weapons on campus, which prompted the man to apologize
“profusely” and say he had no idea of the code.

The officer answered all the questions the man had about the ordinance, according to the report.

The officer took the sword into her custody and put it in weapons storage at the police department. The officer said the man could pick it up the next time he went home.

The man also said he had no other weapons or training tools in his dorm room.