Police Blotter: 11/29/12

A “butt dial” leads to confusion
Sunday, Nov. 25

Around midnight, the communication center contacted an officer about a 911 caller that had hung up after the call was placed.

The operator returned the phone call and made contact with a male student who said it was a “butt dial” and that everything was fine. He had told the dispatcher that he was in his room in Murray Hall, but the communication center was suspicious because the GPS had located the call coming from an area by Fifth Avenue and Water Street.

The officer obtained the number and contacted the student, asking if they could meet to verify that there was no problem. The student agreed to meet at Murray. The officer encountered the student within the building and confirmed the student’s identity with his driver’s license.

Upon being shown the cell phone, the student explained that he calls 911 “a lot” due to a lock screen with a button that allows the owner to place an emergency call if they need immediate assistance. He added that because of this button, he is cautious, but has placed a bunch of calls to 911 in his hometown.

The officer spoke to the communication center to let them know that everything was OK, but the reason behind the GPS being incorrect is still a mystery.

Walking might be a better option
Wednesday, Nov. 21

Around 10 p.m., an officer performing a routine traffic patrol on State Street observed a blue four-door car traveling in front of the squad car. Upon checking the Department of Traffic records for the plate number, the officer was informed that the owner had a cancelled driving status. Watching the driver, the officer noticed he was male and had a female passenger riding with him.

The officer performed a routine traffic stop at the intersection of Wilson and Garfield Avenue and then informed the driver of his cancelled status, to which he responded that he knew and it was a “stupid decision.” He then provided the officer with an expired insurance card as well. The officer issued him a ticket.