Police Blotter

Story by The Spectator Staff

All alone and bent out of shape
Tuesday, Feb. 7

A police officer discovered an abandoned bicycle propped up against a tree in the middle of the Hibbard Hall parking lot. There was no sign of an owner and the bicycle’s rear tire had been bent and wouldn’t turn.

The bicycle was described as a white and pink mountain bike.

After taking down its serial number, the officer took the bicycle to a secure bicycle storage area. No further information is known at this time.


A window of opportunity
Tuesday, Feb. 7

An officer was contacted about a broken window in Towers Hall South at about 11:30 p.m. A resident assistant met the officer in the hall lobby and the two went to the seventh floor to inspect the room.

The room’s resident said she had tossed her cell phone onto her lofted bed that was right next to the window, but accidentally threw the phone too far and it broke the window.

The resident said she didn’t intend to throw the phone at the window and that she would sleep on the futon and not on her bed directly next to the broken window.

The hall director was notified and the officer cleared the scene.