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Backing up 304s everywhere

Sabrina Ftouhi

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these women are businesswomen, they don’t come here because they’re lost puppies. I have two PHDs working with me.”

Almost every adult partakes in sex at some point in their life. So, what’s wrong with selling it? I mean, it’s not like sex isn’t being sold already.

Whether it’s movies, music or spending time in Nevada or Amsterdam, sex is almost everywhere. Of course, there are ups and downs to working in this industry. 

With prostitution being illegal in 49 states, there are not a lot of resources for 304s to stay safe and healthy. If you want to know what 304 means, type it into a calculator and turn it upside down. 

An independent worker may be able to keep their earnings, but the protection from sick creeps is minimal. The risks are especially high if the worker is transgender. 

They say “pimpin’ ain’t easy,” but is it easy to have a pimp? For those unaware, a pimp is someone who controls sex workers and arranges meetings with different clients. Of course, this “Player In a Management Position” will take his desired portion of the earnings. 

To be a legally functioning business, brothel owners need to follow rigid regulations, much like a dispensary. 

All workers must have a valid business license as well as regularly scheduled test results. Every room is equipped with cameras and panic buttons.

I’ve noticed that people seem to think sex workers chose their line of work because they were forced to or that they were desperate. In a way, that’s a problematic assumption that leads to sex workers being dehumanized. 

I’m sure we’ve all seen a TikTok of sex workers telling their parents about what they do for the first time. In those videos, the parents are supportive and understanding. 

What about the ones who aren’t? The first step to humanizing sex workers is to realize that these people are a part of someone’s family. 

Parents who disown their adult children for sex work are no better than the ones who disown their children for being gay. A sex worker definitely doesn’t need you to tell them about the dangers of the job, they’re well aware of this already. 

If anything, your unconditional support should be with your child in the event of something like sexual assault, sickness, unwanted pregnancies and so many other factors. 

Nevada has really stepped it up in terms of keeping its’ ‘working girls’ safe and respected. As Dennis Leroy Hoff, owner of the Bunny Room Brothel said, “these women are businesswomen, they don’t come here because they’re lost puppies. I have two PHDs working with me.”

Believe it or not, adult filmmakers, 304s and dancers pick this line of work because they love what they do. Let’s face it, some people are better at selling sex than others. Why should the real talent go unpaid? Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker taught us that talents should never be used for free. 

If you’re of legal age and find yourself at a brothel in Nevada, please remember to bring protection, and remember this is a human being giving you this service. 

To the straight women who go to strip clubs: you don’t get to grope any of the dancers or bartenders. Just because you and the employee both carry a uterus does not mean you get to act like a frat boy. 

Actually — I don’t even think frat boys have that much audacity. 

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