Print books are undeniably better than e-books

Print books are better than e-books for a myriad of reasons.

McKenna Dirks

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April 5, 2022

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Electronic books aren’t regular books.

Reading is something we do everyday, sometimes without even realizing it. From books to road signs, people are constantly reading. However, recently the world has come to a standstill about which is better: print books or electronic books? In my opinion, print books are better than e-books, in terms of classic novels and children’s books.

We know the internet has created an era of unlimited access to documents and articles that make our lives much easier.

The first e-book was published in 1971 by Michael S. Hart when he digitized the Declaration of Independence. To put things into perspective, 1971 was also the year the very first email was sent. With this prevailing era of technology, why wouldn’t e-books be better than paper books right? Just because technology is surrounding us everyday, it doesn’t mean it’s the best all of the time.

Today’s generation undeniably suffers from a technology addiction, whether it be watching Netflix or checking the latest Twitter update, we are all hooked. Walking across campus, all you see is people looking at their phones. What’s ultimately better though, constantly staring at a screen or at an actual book? Without being consciously aware, reading from an e-book allows distraction with other things like social media; however, a paper book takes those distractions away for a longer period of time.

That being said, here are plausible reasons why paper books are better than e-books.

First, print books have pages that are soft to touch. The paper makes reading physically pleasurable. Who wouldn’t want that?

Print books are also better at conveying information. A study reported by the Guardian, showed that people who read from e-books were less likely to recall events than those who read from print.

Print books will never disappear, they are your own for life. The books you have in college with you right now? Completely legible in 20 years. They will never stop working.

Want to take notes on a book? Write in the margin. Find a really good quote? Highlight it and write a response to it. It will be a memory for whatever you were thinking at that moment.

The fact that print books have covers is simply the greatest thing ever because, in a way, it allows you to know what’s on that person’s mind at the moment without asking.

Print books are also resistant to theft. If you were to leave a book in your car, I can almost guarantee it will be there when you return. However, that probably doesn’t apply to your Kindle or iPad. A thief would see a book and immediately think you’re a nerd, but really what’s wrong with that?

A reason not many people think of is, bathtubs plus books. If you dropped your print book in the tub by accident, you can simply air it out with time or a blow dryer. Last time I checked, I don’t think you can blow dry an iPhone.

Next time you’re thinking about purchasing the entire Twilight Saga on your device, stop and think about how beautiful those books would look on your shelf in place of a device. It will bring you joy, I promise.

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