Letter to the Editor


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I grew up and came of age in Eau Claire during the ‘50s and ‘60s. I lived on Roosevelt Ave. just about two blocks from the university. In fact, I spent my grade school and middle school years attending the old Campus School there on Garfield Ave. I spent a lot of time on the small campus that was then Wisconsin State Teachers’ College.

Though I traveled far and wide, and have lived the last 40 years of my life near the beach in southern California, I have never forgotten that place and those times.

I have followed the growth and increasing prestige of UW-Eau Claire for all these years. I have seen not one, but two Rhodes Scholars pass through its portals. Whether you all appreciate it now or not, you students have been afforded a great gift — not just the gift of education, but the subsequent gift of being able to make a difference, to give a damn.

Now, more than ever, this nation of increasingly small, angry, thoughtless, fearful and bigoted minds is in desperate need of the knowledge and experience that attending UW-Eau Claire has given you.

Don’t waste it, go out there and make a difference and show others that with a little positive effort they can make a difference, too.

Don’t let this country or our Constitution fall into disarray and disrepair; you have the tools, you have the strength.

Now go out there and MAKE a DIFFERENCE; go out there and GIVE a DAMN.

Ron Halpern, Dana Point, Calif.