Big Mouth

Stella Blues


Photo by Maggie Cipriano

Going into this dinner, I was prepared to order something spicy, cajun and delicious. What else could one ask for at a high-end Cajun-American restaurant?

This is not how my night went.

After weeks of craving a hot, cheesy bowl of pasta, I fulfilled that hankering. Stella Blues not only cured my craving, it obliterated that craving.

I attended this lovely dinner with two wonderful friends. We spent at least 15 minutes scavenging the menu, not because we couldn’t find something to order, but because we wanted to order everything on the menu.

From the famous rosemary parmesan fried chicken sandwich, to the Monday special of catfish — fried, broiled or blackened — there was a delicious meal for everyone.

The front of the restaurant was large and full of quirky decor. On the walls there are old beer signs: Walter’s Beer, Budweiser, Grain Belt. The dimly lit restaurant had a classy vibe, while the buzzing neon signs add a casual flare.

The dining room at the back of the restaurant was lit table-by-table by various lamps. The high ceilings gave a decadent feel to the brown and red-filled room. It reminded me of the bar scene in “The Shining,” on a much smaller scale, of course.

After making the decision on what to order, nervously thinking, “did I make the right choice?” we patiently waited for our food, silencing our stomachs by sipping our icy water.

Shortly after we ordered, our food arrived. In front of me did not sit a bowl of pasta. In front of me sat a challenge. How much of this heavenly creation could I eat?

One fork-full and I was in love.

The fettuccine was perfectly al dente, covered in a white wine parmesan sauce. A generous portion of shrimp and slices of portabella mushrooms entangled the nest of pasta, which was topped with even more freshly grated parmesan.

After craving a steamy bowl of pasta, this dish completely went above and beyond my expectations. With the massive portion size and the delicious sauce, I was starstruck.

The only downside was that this dish did not come with a piece of bread to savor all of the extra sauce with.

Since this is a Cajun restaurant, there are not many vegan or vegetarian options besides salads, french fries and the steamed vegetable side. That being said, the salads are not your run-of-the-mill house salads. They are all unique and packed with flavor.

Although worth it, the amazing service, food and atmosphere do come with a high price tag. Stella Blues may not be an option for a casual dinner, but is perfect for a special-occasion meal.

The money spent is well worth what you recieve with the wide array of appetizers, exquisite entrees and delectable desserts. It was not hard to exceed the budget, and I had an amazing time doing so.