Editorial Board


Recently in Greenfield, Wisconsin, the Leader Telegram covered a story of a woman who argued to keep six chickens in her city backyard, claiming they were therapy birds.

Her partner, who served in Afghanistan found the birds helpful for the partner’s autoimmune disease and PTSD. According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, only dogs and miniature horses qualify as service animals.  

The woman said she wasn’t going to let the chickens go “without a fight.”

The Editorial Board argued both sides of the situation. One member expressed curiosity about what sort of autoimmune disease the community citizen has, seeing as there is a broad range of possibilities. Another brought up that the birds should only be allowed if it is a critical autoimmune disease. “There are limits. Chickens can cause a public disturbance,” the member said.

Another member pointed out that any therapy certified animals should be allowed. However, it remains unclear whether or not the chickens have been certified.

The ed board voted 4-1 that not all kinds of therapy pets should be permitted.

“That being said, I want a therapy chicken,” another member said.