Great Debate

Night vs. morning showers




Showering at night

If you ask any of my friends, they’ll tell you nothing makes me cringe more than climbing into bed without showering first.

What’s the point of washing your sheets if you’re just going to soil them with your grime and shame every night because you can’t bring yourself to rinse off before bed?

I’m just as clean and ready to conquer the day in the morning after showering the night before, and as a bonus, I’m allotted extra precious minutes of sleep each morning.

Night showers are also prime because I have no reason to own a blow dryer. I simply shower at night, sleep on my damp hair and am dried and ready to go by the a.m.

Heat damage is a thing of the past.

If you happen to be one of those people who claim showering in the morning is essential to waking up, I have to wonder if you’ve ever been a college student who can’t afford adequate heating during the winter months.

Is climbing out of your warm, cozy bed to shower each morning really worth it when afterward you’re forced to stand shivering in front of your closet as you curse your minimum-wage job because you can’t afford to keep your apartment above 50 degrees?

That’s one type of wake-up call I’m not willing to endure.

Clean me equals happy me, and that’s just how I want to feel when I climb into bed after a long day of pretending to be an adult.

—Hailey Novak, Op/Ed Editor


Showering in the morning

You wake up with your homework stuck to your body from the night before in a very sleepy, groggy state. Then you realize class is in an hour. So how do you make yourself feel better?

A nice, hot shower.

Taking a shower helps you feel clean as well as look and feel your best throughout the day. Your hair will smell amazing and be at prime level to start off the day.

If I shower at night, I wake up and my hair is already messed up and gross. Not to mention if I shaved my legs the night before, the next morning they have a prickle to them.

Showering in the morning also gives you a jolt of energy. Don’t like coffee? A shower is like the cold water challenge for the first two seconds, giving you that burst of alertness as it quickly turns to a soothing hot temperature. You come out of the bathroom feeling more awake than ever, yet utterly and completely relaxed to start your day.

It’s also a known fact that having a daily routine is the best for your mental health. If you just wake up a little bit earlier every day, you’ll feel less rushed. Sure you have to wake up earlier to shower, but with that, you get to class feeling put together.

For me, showering de-stresses. I enjoy blasting music and trying to dance in the small vicinity of the shower stall. It is a fun activity, pretending you are Adele, screaming those vocals, getting all jazzed. Starting your morning in that state of mind sets the tone for a great day ahead.

—Brianne Hageman, Staff Writer