Caught red handed

Christians’ claim Starbuck’s plain red holiday cups are an attack against Christmas

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Photo by Sami West

As the holiday season approaches, people have decided to direct their Grinchy attitudes not toward radio stations who proudly play Christmas music well before Thanksgiving, but rather, the annual Starbucks holiday cups.

You heard it right, with the Christmas season upon us and holiday cheer in the air, people are positively outraged at the popular coffee company’s plain red, minimalist, holiday cups.

In past years, Starbuck’s seasonal cups have been adorned with snowmen, reindeer or Christmas tree doodles. For some reason, certain people took this to mean that Starbucks is a proud supporter of the Christian holiday and not just the Christmas season in general.

When Starbucks rolled out its red ombre cups this month, free of any traditional Christmas decorations, Christians let their anger be known. Many claimed Starbucks was waging a “war on Christmas” by eliminating all Christmas essence from the cups.

As someone who was raised Christian and still attends a Lutheran service every Christmas Eve, I can easily say I have better things to do than get angry over these cups.

If red Starbucks cups are too PC (politically correct) for you and worth posting lengthy social media rants about, then you need to reevaluate your priorities.

Furthermore, Christians who are voicing their anger at Starbucks publically and threatening to boycott the business for good are simply a bad example for the Christian faith in general.

If you let beverage containers define your religion (it sounds silly when it’s boiled down doesn’t it?) then I’m willing to bet you have a bigger problem on your hands.

The Washington Post even claims Donald Trump is in favor of boycotting the plain red cups and bringing Christmas back, but it’s not like we needed another reason not to vote for him anyway.

Starbucks has never openly celebrated the Christian holiday, rather they just adorned their cups with things most people associate with the Christmas season, not the religious holiday specifically. This makes the uproar regarding the cups even more ridiculous.

At this point, would it really be so hard to just draw a cross or an ornament on our cups and just move on with our lives?

No one is forcing us to drink Starbucks and I don’t remember any Bible study sessions as a kid where we discussed coffee choices defining our religious views.

It would be another situation entirely if Starbucks was purposefully hating on Christmas by decorating its cups with anti-Christ scrawl, but their lack of Christmas decoration is being completely over-speculated. If anything we should be upset it took them this long to pick up on the ombre trend.

What’s even more ridiculous about this red cup controversy is the fact that Christians think their religion should be prioritized on the holiday beverages in the first place.

If there’s anything I’m upset about, it’s people in our society constantly looking for something to be offended about, so they can go out and offend other people because of it.

Christmas is supposed to be a time to celebrate the birth of Christ ,or more simply, the season of giving and compassion. Christians threatening to boycott Starbucks because they didn’t openly support the holiday Christians celebrate is concerning in and of itself.

If Starbucks is in fact calling a “war on Christmas” then I will gladly sip a peppermint mocha and watch the chaos unfold.