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Thursday night football trumps relaxing girls night in

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Niagara’s New Girl

Thursdays prove to be my favorite day of the week. The majority of the school week is over and the weekend is in clear view, making Thursdays the perfect night to have a relaxing girls night in.

That’s exactly what was on my mind as I finished up my work and headed to the store to pick out an array of snacks to accompany my friend and I during our relaxing girls night last week.

Both of us had endured a long day. We got back to my house which to my surprise, was quiet and empty. I turned on my record player to fill my room with soothing melodies as the two of us plopped on my bed while we debriefed from our busy weeks prior.

Like I should have assumed, the silence didn’t last long. Within minutes of us arriving at my house, the boys were back.

Faster than I could even close my door to try to mute the sound, their trap music was bumping through the paper-thin walls, allowing Fleetwood Mac’s relaxing rhythms to be drowned out from my record player sitting only five feet away.

One of the boys pranced over to my nook of the house to see what I was up to. When he saw my friend and I sitting on my bed with a buffet of goodies spread between us, he realized we weren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

It was then that he decided to inform us that Thursday nights are “bro nights” which made my relaxing girls night unimportant in his eyes when competing with the football game that was apparently on TV.

They pretty much claimed any night that has televised football as reason enough for bros night to take precedence.

As for trying to fight it, I gave up quickly. I was clearly outnumbered and deemed my night of staying in a lost cause. I give him props for at least warning me that staying at the house that night would not be a good idea if I was looking for peace and quiet.

Even after the stressful day we had, my friend and I both found it comical the way a night in can mean two very different things depending on who you are.

We decided we would probably have more fun continuing our night at our friend’s house instead of staying at my house competing against the boys noise.

It took me the short five minute walk to my friends house that night to realize this was the biggest difference I had found between my roommates and I since moving in; the way I choose to debrief with my friends versus the way they do.

Although they share some common factors like music and food, the atmosphere is completely different.

My plan is to get my hands on the entire football season schedule so I can plan my girl’s nights around their bro nights in the future. That way I can claim these gals nights as “no bros allowed” and force their trap music to silence to let Fleetwood Mac fill the house instead for once.