Great Debate

Pumpkin-flavored items




In favor of pumpkin-flavored products

You know what time of the year it is.

No, it’s not fall; it’s pumpkin-flavored everything (and I do mean everything) season.

From pumpkin-flavored classics such as pumpkin pie, muffins, bread, butter, coffee and tea, to newcomers like granola bars, wine, popcorn and yogurt, pumpkin mania is here to stay.

Yes, the pumpkin flavor has become a bit of an obsession. Yes, I would consider it a little obnoxious.

But does that make the flavor any less tasty? I say “not in the slightest,” as I enjoy a delicious “Betty White,” a seasonal white chocolate pumpkin spice drink at Racy’s.

Every season has its own vibe. And in my opinion, one essential part of the fall vibe is the pumpkin flavor.

I know exactly what you’re thinking right now — Wow, this girl is basic.

But if you’re against the pumpkin craze for fear of being “too basic,” then you’re just missing out. Simple as that.

There is absolutely nothing more ideal than a warm pumpkin-flavored cup of Joe on a breezy autumn day.

I fully embrace the fact that pumpkin flavored products are wholly commercialized at this point.

No longer do people enjoy pumpkin spice-flavored food items — The fad has gotten so intense that there was an internet hoax that Durex would soon be selling pumpkin spice-flavored condoms last year.

It’s ridiculous. Clearly, every company wants to milk this seasonal trend for all the money it’s worth. But you have to admit it’s pretty darn amusing, as obnoxious as it is.

And does it make the pumpkin flavor any less delicious? Nope.

You can fight the pumpkin-flavored fad all you want, but it’s not going away.

So, I say embrace it.

Besides, the only thing more basic than enjoying pumpkin-spiced items is joking about it.

Sami West, Currents Editor

Against pumpkin-flavored products

It’s never hard to notice the change of season from summer to fall. The air becomes cool and crisp and the scenery turns into a gorgeous golden glow.

And pumpkin spice everywhere.

Every store and coffee shop is stocked to the brim with pumpkin-flavored products.

From beer to cereal and crackers to coffee, I can’t enter a grocery store without rolling my eyes at every ridiculous product companies make so much money off of in the fall.

I understand we need something to keep our minds off of the many months of cold weather that are about to take over our lives, but what do you think the countdown to Christmas starting in July is for?

The other day, I went to the store because I had run out of coffee creamer. I went to the dairy cooler and to my dismay, could find only pumpkin spice-flavored creamers.

I settled with the purchase thinking it couldn’t make my coffee nearly as sweet and pumpkin-like as the infamous Starbucks drink. Needless to say, I have been drinking my coffee black ever since.

That’s not to say I don’t love pumpkin related things. Two of my favorite foods correlated with the season are related to pumpkins. Pumpkin pie and roasted pumpkin seeds; two items that contain actual pumpkin ingredients.

When I eat them I’m truly content and feel the fall atmosphere I crave every year when it is gone.

I don’t need 87 other pumpkin-flavored products that end up all tasting the same to make me feel this contentment. To me, it just ruins the simplicity of the season.

My challenge to those of you who live for the fall season because of the change of flavor it brings; can you live off of artificial pumpkin-flavored everything the entire season?

I don’t doubt you can, I just don’t understand why you would want to.

Lauren Kritter, Chief Copy Editor