Niagara’s New Girl

No pants, no problem

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Niagara’s New Girl

Waking up and seeing the boys lounging in their underwear on the couch was weird at first but seems to be nothing out of the ordinary now.

I considered myself a little crazy when I decided I was going to live with a bunch of boys, and my friends and family would agree. Now that I’m doing it though, it doesn’t feel crazy at all, but actually pretty normal.

If they don’t have to wear any clothes at all then I feel perfectly comfortable donned in my oversized t-shirt and lack of pants in the morning. It’s become such a comfortable family-like environment for me in such a short amount of time you would think I’ve known these people for longer than just a couple months.

Of course there are a few things that still catch me off guard, like being walked in on by an overnight guest in the bathroom. It’s not exactly what you expect to encounter while brushing your teeth in the morning.

I feel that since I’m their girl roommate I have an obligation to try to like the girls they decide to hang out with. I felt a little awkward being I was caught off guard and it was the first time meeting her though (at least I happened to be wearing pants). I didn’t quite know what to do. Do I try to bond with her? Do I ask her about her night?

Although it was a slightly weird encounter, I now know to be prepared for some possible girl talk in the morning considering it’s about the only female company I get in this house.

In addition to the general lack of females, fashion advice has been slim to none as well. I’m a bit of a fashionista and love the reassurance from someone that the outfits I put together at the very least match. My old roommates will attest that this wasn’t always the case with some of my selections.

I tried to confide in one of the boys one afternoon as I was getting dressed for a job interview. I ran to the living room to ask him if I looked okay and you know, professional enough.

After staring at me for about 30 seconds he replied that he should be asking me for fashion advice and not the other way around. I don’t know why I was expecting a different outcome, especially after a conversation we had the other night where he told me he rarely notices what girls are wearing.

No wonder they don’t care that I don’t wear pants around the house, they probably don’t even notice.

I ended up agreeing to go shopping with him sometime and help him pick out some clothes after that encounter. Honestly, nothing sounds more fun to me than getting to style a guy. After all we do know best right?

Girls, unlike guys, actually pay attention to what boys are wearing. In addition to fashion advice I’m hoping I’ll even be able to help my roommate make his overnight guests become more than just a casual thing.

I really am lucky that this past month has already given me plenty of moments that leave me content with my living situation.

It makes me smile when I can honestly say these people are becoming some of my good friends considering I was content with settling for decent roommates who at least wouldn’t mind my presence around the house once in awhile.