Editorial Board


Beginning in the fall of 2017, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire will begin the process of renovating Towers Residence hall, the oldest dorm on campus.

Renovation plans include a $33 million budget that will allow the university to upgrade both the north and south Towers dorms with amenities such as air conditioning, improving the outdated spaces and generally making the space more livable.

“Coming from someone who has lived in the residence halls for three years, I agree that they are way behind and out of date” one member said.

Originally built in 1967, Towers, the most outdated residence hall on campus, also houses the largest number of people. As a result of the remodel, the renovations will displace an estimated 600 students during the two-year period.

Those students will be placed in some form of off-campus housing such as the hotel or the Priory after every available on-campus space has been filled.

The Spectator staff voted unanimously that regardless of how the renovations may deter potential incoming freshman regarding the high displacement numbers, the remodel is necessary for Eau Claire.

The renovation itself will only impact one section of Towers at a time and will be fully funded by money the students pay to live in the residence halls. No tuition money from students or taxes will be used for the project.

“I think dorm life is a powerful recruiting tool for admissions and if freshmen saw new places they could live, comparing them to other schools, they would be more likely to choose Eau Claire” another member said.

Regardless of the number of students the project may turn away while in process, The Spectator staff believes the positives will outweigh the negatives in the long run for Eau Claire.