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Story by Spectator Staff

When NBC News cameraman was discharged from the hospital, the Ebola survival rate in the United States rose to 83 percent, according to an article published on Forbes.com.

While a survival rate of 83 percent impressed some members of The Spectator Editorial Board, the number became a bit less impressive when the members found out that percentage only accounts for six people. Five survived, one did not.

In the same Forbes.com article, the author, Dan Diamond said, “Ebola came to America. And America is beating Ebola back.”

Members of The Spectator Editorial Board concluded that the United States should not need to beat Ebola, stating over and over that Ebola in the United States is a media craze.


“Ebola coming to the U.S. is just the next step in the media obsession,” one member said.

Another member said, “This is just a dream, to run a story every night that people are interested in.”

The emergence of the disease in the United States eliminated all stories of international struggle with Ebola, one member said.

“Not only are we not bringing our talents to others, we are also pushing to close our borders,” another member said about Ebola moving into the United States.

Another member said the survival rate, based off six cases, should not elicit applause from the international community.

“This is a case of America making something that isn’t about America, about America,” the same member said.

Medical workers in the United States have access to better medical facilities and Americans have better water treatment, one member said, there is no reason we shouldn’t beat Ebola.

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