Letter to the Editor: April 4, 2013

While for nearly 100 years the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire has maintained a tradition of excellence in educational instruction and opportunity: discussions have begun to preserve and strengthen an equally critical pillar of our campus community, the quality health services provided to all students.

With challenges such as cost and availability of care growing ever year, your Student Senate has begun exploring courses for Student Health Services (sic) which will maintain current services offered, expand student’s access to care, and guarantee the future of this crucial partner in collegiate wellbeing.

After more than a year and a half of listening sessions advertised in campus and social media, study of survey data from more than 1,300 students, and discussions with campuses across the nation, Student Senate decided to partner with university administration, nursing faculty, Student Health Services (sic) staff and campus community members in formulating a request for
proposals (RFP).

This RFP, which summarizes our expectations and needs for healthcare services, will be sent to regional and statewide providers with proven track records and state-of-the-art medical resources. In turn, these providers will present information regarding their ability to fulfill our university’s
specific needs.

While proposals will not be received for several months, students can rest assured that there will be no disruption in any services, such as women’s health or contraceptives, that Student Health Services (sic) currently provides. Further, these crucial services will continue to be provided by a top of the line health center here on our campus.
The purpose of our exploration is to expand hours of operation, opportunities for academic participation and the variety of services offered to students at a cost that we can afford.

The continuation of our current services and a reinvestment in a convenient campus location are, and will continue to be,
fundamental commitments.

We sincerely appreciate community partners and The Spectator discussing the future of health services on our campus. As a community committed to collective achievement, ensuring continued access to affordable care is an issue critical to us all. As the RFP process moves forward, Student Senate welcomes your questions and encourages your participation in guiding the future of this crucial campus service.
Student Body President Corydon Fish and Vice President Patrick