Albrent’s believe it or not


Story by Emily Albrent, Op/Ed Editor

It’s pretzel time! 


People will fight over the craziest things. I mean come on. Two women reportedly went just crazy after realizing the Auntie Anne’s pretzel eatery in Detroit gave her the wrong dip.

I mean I get it. When you ask for one thing and you get another sometimes it sucks, but apparently they already ate half of the dip by the time they realized they had received the wrong one. Oh boy.  Must have been totally important then.

The people working at Auntie Anne’s told them they would have to buy any other additional dip because oh hey …  they ate the whole other dip …  it makes sense.

I guess some additional mayhem went down and the employee allegedly threw a container of dip at the customers and a full on fight almost broke out.

Yikes. I mean I understand getting grumpy when you are hungry, but dang. Calm the heck down.


Craigslist creeper 


I sometimes lose a ton of faith in humanity. So much so that I want to crawl back in bed and forget that anyone but me exists.  Case in point, a young woman hired a man to beat her and then went to file a rape report with the police.

Morgan Triplett, a University of California-Santa Barbara student is just super dumb. Apparently she put an advertisement on Craigslist where she said she was seeking someone to beat her in exchange for sex.

I went to Santa Barbara for a bit before I realized that it just wasn’t for me, and now I can see why. I’m not trying to be a mean person, but dang girl. Life gets rough but don’t take to Craigslist. Or you know … having someone hit you.

She needs a hug. Or 50.


Ice cream dream


Oh boy. This is the best story ever. An Iranian confectioner is on his way to a Guinness Record.

He has made five freaking tons of ice cream to fit into a huge ice cream tub. It cost around $30,000 to create and hello, it is worth every penny.

It measures five feet by seven feet and that’s what I call dessert.

Count me in. Let me at it. I’m hungry.