Albrent’s Believe It or Not – 04/11

Story by Emily Albrent, Op/Ed Editor

Woof, woof

I mean I don’t know about you, but mixing up a poodle and a ferret is kind of … idiotic.  Just really though, raise your hand if you know the difference. Kidding, don’t do that, you will look weird.

Apparently some people bought what they thought to be a poodle for $150 to later find out that it was a ferret that only looked like a dog. I just don’t see it.

I really don’t. Clearly these people are not true dog people.

To make the ferrets look like dogs, they pumped them full of steroids. That is so sad and so wrong and where are these guys because let me at them.

That’s just nutty

What’s super yummy and will cost you $20,710?? Nutella, that’s what. Don’t have that kind of cash just lying around? Can’t find enough in your couch cushions or your roommates futon? No worries, just steal five FREAKING TONS of it like a bunch of thieves did in Bad Hersfeld, Germany.

I’m not endorsing this whole stealing thing, let’s be honest, stay in school kids, but dang. They must have been craving some chocolate-hazelnut goodness that only Nutella can provide.

Not a fan of this spread? Doesn’t even matter. Just think about it. Five tons.  Even the amount is hilariously humongous.

Crazy for cookies

New York is where all the crazy stuff happens. Especially in Times Square. A young kid is probably traumatized for life because apparently a dude dressed up as the Cookie Monster pushed him down after becoming angry at his mom because she didn’t give him a tip.

I get it. People dress up in Times Square all of the time to get a little extra money. But they are super sneaky about it. They don’t charge you up front. They wait until you snap a picture with them and then, BOOM, demand cash. And seriously, if you value your life, just hand over a couple of bucks. Trust me.

You don’t know what that person behind the mask is hiding or what his motives are. Better yet, stop taking pictures with randos in New York. Just move on. Save that for Vegas.

What’s cracking?

Do you like eggs? I like eggs, but this guy who set a new world record for smashing 142 eggs in one minute with his head must have an eggcellent relationship with them. Sorry, not sorry for that pun.

The things people do to get noticed, I swear.

Freshman at the Georgia Institute of Technology Scott Damerow had some amazing things to say and you guys need to know about.

He is a former soccer player so he  was no stranger to hitting things with his head.

“I’m used to heading soccer balls in,” he told truTV. “I figured I might as well use my hard head to break a world record.”OK.

I guess hitting 142 eggs didn’t feel so awesome after a while.

“My head felt pretty numb after that,” Damerow said. “ I didn’t even realize I got cut by an egg shell because I had so much adrenaline.” OK.

I want to interview him one day. He sounds riveting.

Side note, they totally should have made an omelet out of those eggs.