Staff Editorial: Proposed gun control measures

Senator Dianne Feinstein of California announced last Thursday there could be legislation that would ban the sale and manufacturing of 157 types of semiautomatic weapons and any magazine holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

If the ban were to go through, it would exempt any firearms used for the purpose of hunting and would grandfather in specific guns and magazines. Feinstein said that the goal of this bill would be to eventually over time dry up the supply of these types of weapons.

The editorial board feels this law should go into place because there is no need for weapons of such caliber to be produced or used. One speaker said that it seems like an unnecessary amount of ammunition for a gun and that if this law were to be put into place the world would be a safer

Another speaker said that she has neighbors who have semiautomatic guns that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition and that they only use them for purposes such as shooting them off on the Fourth of July.
A more compelling topic of debate came up over the grandfathering in of such weapons. The editorial board agreed that not only would grandfathering in not work but it would increase the likability of illegal
gun sales.

Members of the editorial board said that passing this legislation would be hard if not impossible. They said that Feinstein and her team would have to step up and fight for this to be passed.

The editorial board also said that these guns have been used in mass shooting such as the Columbine and Newton. The board agreed that guns of such caliber should not be in the public’s hands.

Sadly, the editorial board said that this legislation is an uphill battle and that it would take some time before the public is willing to accept such a law.

Overall, the editorial board agreed that weapons holding more than 10 round of ammunition should be outlawed and that the legislation should be passed.