A Do-It-Yourself Holiday

Story by Rita Fay, Staff Writer

My roommate has a type A personality and I do not. Here’s the main difference between my roommate and myself: I pin things on pinterest that I like and never look back, she pins things on pinterest and one day, out of the blue, she attempts to make all of those crafts.

I’ve accepted the fact that at any moment I can walk into our living room and find it looking like Martha Stewart threw up everywhere. Glue sticks, glitter, needles, thread, fabric, scatter our living room, making it look like a kindergarten classroom at the end of arts and crafts day. But I’m okay with it because she makes me things.

The girl made me mittens!

As easy as it would have been for her to go buy me mittens for no reason, I’d rather have her crooked, unmatched mittens made from an ugly sweater. She worked so hard on them! The fact that she made them makes me appreciate them more. That’s why I plan on making most of my presents this holiday season.

I’m not making the argument that homemade presents are better because capitalism and consumerism have taken over the sanctity and true spirit of Christmas. I’m not. Because ya’ll, I love presents. As the youngest of three girls, I get spoiled every year, even to this day, and I’m about to turn 23 years old.

Here’s why everyone should make their gifts: because it’s fun and different and we haven’t done it since we were in elementary school. Making your own present suggests to your friend/family member that you care enough about them to take the time to think of a present they would like, buy the material for it and create that gift with your own two hands.

I know what you’re thinking (gentlemen), ‘I’m not creative or talented enough.’ Well, you would be surprised at how easy some of these crafts can be. Go to pinterest.com, instructables.com, ehow.com or any other website on the entire internet and you can find step by step instructions on how to make that dream catcher for your significant other.

You also might be thinking, ‘Doesn’t it suggest that I’m too poor to buy a real gift?’ Why, yes it does! Fortunately, if you pick the right gift to make it also says, ‘I’ve put a lot of thought into this gift.’ You can also pair your homemade gift with a store bought gift and make it the perfect combination.

Be careful though, here’s a tip for all: Don’t try to make something beyond your capabilities. Never sewn before in your life? Then that couch cover is going to end up looking like an unflattering poncho. Start small. Make some magnets, or a headband, or a bracelet.

I’m telling you, you will love giving your homemade gift to people. Everybody will be so impressed with your innovation and gifted hands. People will appreciate the thought and time you put into making them something they will love.

I give you one final reason to opt for homemade gifts: you get to avoid the mall. I’m a person that loves shopping and I hate the mall during the holiday season. There are way too many people, it’s too crowded and the sales make me buy way more than I need to. If you make a gift all you need to do is make one trip to an arts and crafts store and you’re set.

You are welcome for all of the advice my friends. Now, make like Martha Stewart and craft away!