We all judge by the cover

Story by Rebecca Lubecki

I cannot help but have the biased view that the way a person carries themself, such as how they dress or take care of their body, reflects their personality on the inside. We live in a society consumed with how we look; a society where that perfect figure is emulated among models and celebrities. After doing research for a psychology essay last semester, I discovered that some people subconsciously prefer to be around more attractive people. As horrible as it sounds, it’s actually is quite true.

Asking around, most of my friends admit that once given thought, they do prefer to associate themselves with people who have a more appealing look. Still not convinced? Go around and ask someone what they first notice about the opposite sex. It is likely they will respond with that person’s looks. “Snap judgments about people are crucial to the way we function, they say — even when those judgments are very wrong,” Pam Belluck said in her April 2009 New York Times article: “Yes, Looks Do Matter” where she embraces the importance of beauty.

Knowing that, I do not blame men and women for falling victim to perfectionism when it concerns appearance. One’s exterior is especially important because we exist in a world where everyone around us is judging us. For example, you must dress to impress when on a job interview and dress nice when on a date. When someone first meets you, they cannot see your personality, so that person is going to base their opinion of you off of what they can see, which is what is on the outside.

Basically, what it comes down to is that if you cannot look the part, then you cannot climb to the top. That can be applied to many aspects, such as the petty high school social hierarchy, or the professional world of business.

It is also a competition when it comes to our outer shells. You may only keep it to yourself, but it is a confidence booster to see the person next to you just might be having an off day, making you more beautiful in comparison.

But the truth is, everywhere you go, someone is going to be skinnier than you. Someone is going to have clearer skin, better clothes, shinier hair, and so on. There is always someone out there better than you. Being human, some are going to let that fact bother them and have difficulty accepting that.

They say you are your worst critic and I fully agree. Every morning when I first look in the mirror, the thoughts in my head consist of how I can improve my image to carry on with the upcoming day. I could pretend I am resilient and uncaring towards the whole body image issue that the media impends on us, but instead I will admit that it truly affects me. When I see those perfect bodies on display, there is disappointment that comes over me.

When I see anyone well dressed with an amazing figure, I admire them from the start. I receive an instant vibe that clearly the individual is hard-working because he or she keeps his or her body in such great shape. With a sharp outfit, that person looks as if they are ready to tackle the world and prosper.

Despite my feeling that looks do matter, I still fully believe that what is on the inside is what matters the most. I admit that I base a quick opinion off of someone’s exterior when I first meet them, but I always take a second to remind myself how childish and cruel that is. Then I intend to get to know that person based off of what is most important.