Spectator editorial: Just sue me

What if God was one of us? Maybe he would have a home address?

According to an Oct. 15 Associated Press article, Christian-criticizing Nebraska Independent state Sen. Ernie Chambers filed a lawsuit against God because he had made terroristic threats against the senator and his constituents in Omaha. The lawsuit, intended to point out everyone should have access to courts including the homeless, was thrown out by the Douglas County District Court Judge because God could not be served as a result of his unlisted home address. Sen. Chambers, who will not be returning next year because of term limits, has 30 days to appeal the decision.

The move was extreme and overshadows the point trying to be made. Clearly it was an attempt to gain press coverage to bring attention to the problem. Unfortunately, the press he will receive will be negative due to his manner in gaining attention. The poignant issue will now be tinged by the events, and people will correlate the crazy antics with the issue.

With retirement approaching, his actions indicate he wanted a last stand. It is sad to think this is how he will go out and be remembered. Someone who had been in the state legislature as long as he had – a Nebraska record 38 years – should have known there were better ways to bring awareness to an issue. Ploys hardly ever work, and trying to illustrate points through metaphors almost always end up overshadowing the point. He should have known and thought it through before acting and getting under peoples’ skin.

Those who do not have addresses, mainly the homeless, could have received extensive help from a better move. But instead, time and money were wasted in order to poke fun at Christianity. Homeless people in place of God would have been much effective and caused people to notice and realize the real issue. Instead, the senator’s actions have cheapened his argument, possibly tainting any future good arguments.