Ventura should buckle down, worry about issues

With his country at war and his state in jeopardy of losing its Major League Baseball franchise, Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura took action.

Actually he just took off.

Ventura took a two-day rendezvous to California in order to film what has been called a “bit part” in a movie.

But people of Minnesota were told not to worry about Ventura’s escapade, because the head of State Capitol security assured them that the expenses for Ventura and his security personnel were paid for by the movie company.

Whether the taxpayers literally paid for Ventura to jaunt on down to California is not the point (though it should be noted that a similar situationcame about a few weeks ago when Ventura said a news crew paid his travel expenses, though it later refuted Ventura’s comments).

The trip wasn’t noted in Ventura’s office schedule and his spokesperson said he didn’t know where Ventura went when he was gone.

Don’t the people of Minnesota deserve more? True, they elected an ex-professional wrestler that had little political experience.

But there’s no way voters (or at least the 37 percent of the Minnesota voting public) could have anticipated Ventura would act so childish and petty over some of the issues as he has.

Instead of battling the media and his critics over what he feels are personal issues, Ventura needs to do his job and look out for the best interests of his state.

When he makes a fool of himself, he’s damaging more than just his name.

He’s damaging the reputation of the state of Minnesota and the reputation of third-party candidates.

Bit part or not, Ventura’s act is getting old.