Freshman life has many twists

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Hello again fellow students and staff. It is me again, here with yet another exciting column to complete your lives. While I have racked my brain trying to find something worth writing about, I have come to the saddening conclusion that I really am a very boring person. So I guess I will just give you all the cheers and jeers of my freshmanhood.
Well, let’s see here, where shall I begin. Oh, OK, how about the trip back to the dorms? It was lots of fun loading up my little Grand-Am with all of my Christmas presents, but it was even more fun hauling it up three flights of stairs. Nothing says “welcome home” like a hike to the good old dusty dormitory. I survived the move back here, and I am dreading the move home. Once I was settled back into my room, it was time to get some errands done for school.
I went first to get my books. I almost had forgotten the joyous occasion that awaited my return. Of course, there were tons of procrastinators all busily on the hunt for their required textbooks. I’ll tell you, though, I think there are definitely a lot of brainiacs in hiding here at UW-Eau Claire. I heard people asking the dumbest questions they could as to where their book of desire may reside. I mean, considering it is alphabetical. One would think after years of reinforcing knowledge of the ABCs it would be easy to find such requested books. Of course not, though – still there remains a small population of people who continue to cluelessly roam the aisles of the bookstore in search of textbooks.
So when finally I had my fill of those who had just crawled out from under a rock, it was time to return to my dorm. To my disbelief, when I got home I realized I had checked out the wrong book. How could I have been so dumb? So, once again I had to return to the beloved bookstore. Does it ever get any easier being a freshman?
Before I had a chance to blink, the school week arrived on time. I am not exactly what you would consider a morning person by any means and for some ungodly reason I decided to schedule myself an 8 a.m. class. Please hold all questions and work with me here. If there is one thing that you do not want to do is sit next to me during my early classes and smile, perky as can be.
In all honesty, it just won’t happen. You probably will receive a look of disgust and pity. Now I am not always this negative. I mean, when Saturday rolls around and I am allowed my 14 hours of “beauty rest,” one can find me in a most delightful mood.
So much for the small talk about my sleeping habits, and on to bigger, not so much better, things.
This semester you won’t hear me complain one bit about that beloved hill. I have received guidance from my fellow dormsters and have discovered a most exciting development in technology. The device is called a city bus. It comes at convenient times and will take you up and down the treacherous hill in a matter of minutes.
Now of course you have your highly knowledgeable people who know that when it is cold out, taking the bus would be a very good idea. And then there remains the percentage of people who, based only on ego and pride, continue to walk up and down the hill – even in snowy conditions. Now that is fine with me. I mean, if you want to get hypothermia, that is your choice, but don’t cry when an infection comes your way.
OK kiddies, I think that is enough nagging from me for one day. I hope I have fulfilled all your dying wishes, simply by returning and adding my 2 cents again.

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